Sunday, September 03, 2006

Morning Glory

You're probably tired of hearing about Dan, but he's been helping us with foreplay lately - in fantasy, of course, 'cause if anything huge had happened it would have been up here in lights already.

Dee and I started off both yesterday and today in the bedroom, after her chats with Mike and our morning coffee. Yesterday in chat she told Mike that she really wants Dan, and then after our passionate romp with my cum still warm and oozing from her satisfied bottom, she said, "Thanks for starting the day off so great!" Yikes! She's thanking me?

Dee struck some suggestive poses for the camera on Friday evening - wearing jeans because Dan told her twice last week that she looks good in them. She e-mailed him two of the shots - one of her bending forward which makes her ass look superb, and another showing her topless from the back. You can't see the sides of her breasts, but her smooth, bare back is quite stimulating a sight in itself. Dan doesn't check his mail every day so we're waiting for a reaction from him.

You'd think we were still a couple of those tiresome folks over at the Hot Wives Forum who are perpetually stuck in "We think maybe we might be sort of kind of ready" fantasyland for the mileage we've been getting out of talking about Dan taking Dee to bed and discussing the open talk they've been sharing about it at work. We talked about their talks this morning before starting our foreplay in earnest, naked on the bed with Dee casually stroking my cock, and in my excitement I was oozing a ridiculous amount of precum. Every minute Dee would gather up a fingertip of it and feed it to me. It seems to arouse her to see me taste my own precum and for as much as she wiped across my tongue this morning I may as well have been eating soup. I wasn't the only juicy one in bed, though. Dee was making a nice batch of fresh pussy cream too as we talked about her wanting to do Dan.

I'm used to other guys wanting my wife in bed - but not like this. This is different because Dee and Dan already share a friendship. That's the part that excites me - knowing that she wants this man not because she's seen pictures of his hard cock, (She hasn't.), not because he's written explicit fantasies of what he'd like to do with her, (He hasn't.), but simply because it's the same way that I want "New Girl".

Since we started the sharing lifestyle, Dee and I both enjoy thinking about how great it would be if we could take all of our various friends to bed as an extension of the friendship we share with each of them. For as red hot as it was to watch both Don and Mike make love with Dee each for the first time, what we have with both of them in terms of the wonderful emotional bonds that we all share makes their love making with Dee just amazing. Amazing enough for me to continue writing here in hopes of some day finally expressing just what it is that I feel in my role. Amazing enough for me to want to feel that myself with a female friend if the opportunity ever presents itself. It's why both Dee and I get so aroused when we talk about her and Dan together - because we're convinced that as an extension of their friendship, their love making will be as much a thing of beauty as I've ever tried to put into words here.

He said he'd like to meet me, finally. This is a HUGE step! As always, I'll keep you posted 'cause even if you're tired of hearing about it, I'm still in town crier mode about it.

I wasn't the only one juicing this morning. As I moved
between Dee's creamy thighs and parted her labia to
give her pussy a good licking I found her all gooey.
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Rosie said...

Keep us posted. Wonder how he will react to the pictures?

MikeCindynJoe said...

Good luck with Dan. I can understand his apprehension. Look how long it took our Joe to accept his gift.

And wow, what a yummy pic! My tongue is so hard, I can't talk! lol


Woody said...

Can almost taste it.