Sunday, October 08, 2006

How It Makes Her Feel

From one of Dee's outgoing mails to an admirer this morning...

"It may be hard to believe, but I don't really have an active fantasy life. I get so much lovin' that I don't need one!"

It makes me feel fantastic to know that between me, Don, Mike, and her other occasional lovers Dee gets enough affection and hot sex to be happy and to feel fulfilled emotionally and sexually. In orchestrating her transformation into a shared wife I think I accomplished, maybe, the one great thing that I'll have done in my life. The physical and emotional pleasure she gets from all of this - the uninhibited posing for nude photos that she knows the world will see, the mails from the men who enjoy seeing her and desire her, the affections of Don and Mike in bed and in her daily mails and text messages to and from them, the special excitement of meeting somebody new on occasion to make love with him - enrich her life so much. Mine too because I'm the one who gets to share most deeply in the good feelings that come Dee's way through her Sweetmrs39 persona.

I was such a jealous kid that I'd never have believed that the day would come on which I could watch my wife strip out of her clothing and take to a bed with another man to have full blown sex with him. And not a one time "My wife blew my buddy when she was drunk off her ass at a party," kind of sex, but something she's done with great relish and passion nearly once a week, for hours each time, for the past four years. For all the guys Dee's taken to bed in that time, never once did she ever make me feel that she was doing what she was doing with any of them because I'm somehow inadequate in meeting her sexual or emotional needs. She always makes me feel that by encouraging her to experience as much pleasure and goodness as she can get, from both the giving and receiving with her lovers, I'm the best husband there is in the world, which is good - because that's who I most want to be in her eyes even long past the end of eternity.

One of the shots I took this morning for Dee to send
out with the mails from admirers to which she's replying.
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SemperSexualis said...

Mums and mams?

That's all I have to say. :-)

RobbieG said...

Nice flowers. I love the new pointer you have!