Monday, October 09, 2006

Nudie Pics!

I'll begin this entry with a quote from Dee in an e-mail reply to one of the guys who recently asked for an explanation of something she's often asked to describe - how my bi activities fit into her own pleasure.

Dee's reply: "The pleasure I receive from Joe's 'bi side' is not from the bi-ness but from the mutual pleasure we all share. I don't even really consider it bi. I am sure that is a little confusing, but it is difficult to explain. I suppose a simpler way to state it is that I enjoy seeing his pleasure regardless of whom it is with."

I understand her answer completely because in part it explains why I enjoy sharing her with other guys too. It's sort of like when we enjoyed so much seeing the glee on our kids' faces when they went 'round and around on the kiddie rides at the amusement park, except it's even more fun when it's your wife's little pink tongue going 'round and around the head of her lover's stiff cock or her juicy pussy or tight, hot ass going up and down on it.

We had the house to ourselves for a little while yesterday and took advantage of the opportunity to shoot a new Halloween series of pictures of Dee. It's been a while since we've shot a substantial series of nudes, having gotten into the habit of just showcasing some of our date night pictures here and there. I was too lazy to drag a whole pile of props down from the attic so I settled for a very simple black background with a red filter over the slave flash unit.

You can view the series here (until I decide to pull down the set in which case the link will no longer work. I'll probably not remember to return here to remove it.) As usual, I couldn't decide on a few snaps that I thought were the best so I put up a bunch. If you like looking at Dee with all her clothes off, grab the ones you that'll most float your boat and make it sail. The pictures are being hosted by Yahoo! Photos and if you've spent any quality time with their photo hosting you'll know that they're iffy at best when the bandwidth goes up, so if you can't get to the pictures, all I can suggest is that you keep trying. I'll not be e-mailing them to anybody individually.

I have the day off. Columbus Day. I wish they'd get rid of these "not real holidays because not everybody has them off" days, or make them into real holidays so Dee could be home with me too. When I'm off and she's at work, I'd rather be at work too than sitting here missing her all day long.
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AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Those are awesome. Spooky and devilish.

hornymaleuk said...

Thank you for the nude series. I can see why you love to fuck Dee. If I was near her, I would want to fuck her!

Fat Controller said...

Lovely series. You're a lucky guy!

Willy said...

Joe...Dee is a very sexy lady...enjoyed the series very much...hope you enjoyed too at the end of the