Tuesday, October 03, 2006

In Your Face

I've shared a lot of pictures of Dee here over the past year or so. Not too long ago I read in a review of Sharing Dee at Piper's Place that my pics "...are a bit too 'in your face' for me, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination." I'd say that Piper pretty much hit the nail on the head there. Because I have one of the world's worst visual imaginations I try to cater to the poor slobs like myself who lack the ability to call up to the stage in their mind's eye the scenes they'd like to see. When it comes to sex, I don't want to imagine a fantasy because I really can't. I want/need to see the reality.

It's why I need to be there when Dee takes to a bed with somebody else. If she were to do it on her own (She doesn't, by the way. She says she prefers for me to be there, and that's perfect by me.) and then come home and tell me about it all I know I'd feel cheated in not being able to see it all happening.

Long time readers know that if I were to stumble across a time machine my only trip would be back to that night on which Dee lost her virginity in hopes of somehow insinuating myself in the motel room where it happened to watch her lover's hard cock pierce her soft pussy for her first time ever. You can bet that if somehow I could go back to watch Dee kick up her heels for her first all-the-way lover to mount her I'd not be across the room but right there with my nose up to Richie's balls to watch his glans open Dee's labia with a flourish and then to see his whole cock slide up into her warm belly. I'd be as "in your face" as I could get my face!

All that being said, I do have great admiration for someone who can make a good nude or sex picture artistic without using Photoshop. Lara at 1,000 Words comes to mind as a prime example. Every day I visit her blog to see her with her clothes off and I'm never disappointed no matter how non-explicit her daily fare might be. While Lara's shown her very desirable looking pussy on various occasions it's always been in early Penthouse style in that there's not a Hustler type beaver shot to be found among her offerings, but I don't feel the less for it. Not in my face at all, though I'd love her to be, I consider her a real artist in her ability to make me stone cold aware of her naked beauty in a way that doesn't make me just yank out my cock and want to glue everything in sight together with its spray.

I'll never be that artistic. But, I sure have shot a lot of really juicy pictures, and with over 100,000 of Dee to my credit I still feel like I've barely scratched the surface in trying to capture the essence of her raw passion.

I accept graciously the dubious distinction of regularly
posting pictures that in are in your face because I love
when Dee's pleasuring a man's very hard cock in my face.
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A. May Sing said...

I couldn't agree with your stance more Joe. I like the words, appreciate the stories and recollections as they come to you - but I love the pictures.

Every picture tells a story - and to me, in the case of you sharing Dee's passion with us, your pictures capture the stories perfectly. I look forward to both the words you write and the pictures you share to tie the whole story together.

Please keep up the great work and know that at least ONE of your loyal visitors appreciates the whole package that is "Sharing Dee"!

Now if I could only figure out how to get those pictures to come to life on MY FACE!!!!! Oh, that was supposed to be in my face huh?

RobbieG said...

Personally, I like the pictures you share of Dee and her lovemaking. It makes me feel somewhat there watching as someone else in the room. It would never be as intense to me as I imagine it is for you because of your wonderfull relationship with Dee. I like having her in my face, on my tongue and pressed against my lips...oh yea, that's my imagination kicking in again. Hold on while I take care of something real quick...

Anonymous said...

I enjoy all your wriring and your photos. Don't change your style!

Anonymous said...

I mean "writing" LOL

Mac said...

You just leave your pictures alone, Joe. They are fabulous and nothing needs to be changed, except to post more of them.

Banana Boy said...

The way I feel is that your posts ARE sexual, they are vivid, and the photos you post compliment that perfectly.

And, let's be honest, 90% of the pics you post are very hot!


Anonymous said...

Face time, Joe, Face Time!!! (grin)

NeverEnough said...

This is the site I come to for "in your face" pictures, so don't you dare change that!

Cheri said...

I love the pix you take, please do not change them. They are through your eyes.....and you catch some amazing shots. And BTW, I gotta tell ya, I wish Dan would give in already!!