Friday, October 06, 2006

My Boneheaded Maneuver Last Night

Imagine my horror last evening when we got to the motel, I opened my camera bag, and discovered that I'd forgotten to put the camera inside it before we left the house.

I was all set to make the 15 minute or so drive back home to get it. I was out the door and halfway to the car when I turned around, came back into the room, took off my jacket a second time and announced to Dee, Mike, and Don, "I can do this without the camera." Honestly, I wasn't so sure that I could. That Fuji's an extension of my right arm on date night. You know how I love having the pictures.

I took a couple of shots with the shitty little camera that was in the bag, which is okay for making small video clips but worse than cell phone quality for stills, and then put it back with a sigh already knowing that I'd just be totally dissatisfied with whatever pictures I might take with it.

Don told me to take as many shots with his camera as I wanted and that he'd burn me a CD of them. I popped off a few snaps, but then I set his camera down too with regret. It just wouldn't be the same without the immediate gratification of getting home and unloading the pics from the card onto my hard drive, using them to showcase the evening's fun for our friends, showing them off in timely fashion at the usual places. No, it just wouldn't be the same at all.

I thought it would be a really long night without my camera, and that I'd feel lost, but I managed. I survived. I had fun.

I was conscious at times of how different the view appeared without seeing most of it through a viewfinder. For example, I really appreciated the glorious sight of Dee's full, nude form stretched out on the bed as she sucked Don's cock because I wasn't moving in close to get the shots of just his hard dick sticking between her lips.

And while Don was fucking Dee and making her groan with pleasure I tended to Mike's dick for a long, long time taking much delight in his squirming and moaning to my oral ministrations. I loved how he went particularly wild when my tongue drifted quite far south of his balls.

All three of us came in Dee's pussy. Mike twice. I came a second time, stroking myself while Dee licked my balls, and then Mike got off a third time with Dee...

Gee, I don't remember what Dee was doing to him at that point. After all, I didn't get pictures to which I can refer back. :(

One of the very few shots I took with the shitty camera.
I quit when I realized that I just wouldn't be happy with them.
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Mac said...

Well, darn, double darn!! It's OK Joe. I know everyone had a lovely time.

Durty Thawtz said...

i can't leave the house without wearing some type of ball cap. you need your camera. we manage to get by.. but you know as well as i do...

it just isn't the same.

RobbieG said...

Joe, I'm glad you made it and had a good time. I do every time I see Dee's pic and this one is no exception. Thanks!

Desireous said...

Well you didn't do too bad with the crappy camera.