Monday, October 16, 2006

Smuttin' Up HNT

"No one wants to see the inside of some girls [sic] hoo-ha or the end of some guys [sic] junk dripping with baby batter."

Quote from "kimmyk" in a comment at Good in Theory.

First of all, Kimmy, I most decidedly want to see up as many girls' hoo-has as I can, and I like seeing those dripping junks too. Ironically, it seems like only yesterday that I featured a pic of my own dripping junk. Oh, wait a minute - it was just yesterday that I did that, though it wasn't leaking "baby batter" - just some sweet precum like a little bit of baby oil drizzling down over my glans. (Snicker.)

Seriously, I felt a little bad in reading that Kate, the writer of Good in Theory posted what will have been her last HNT pic ever last week because of guys like me who in her estimation have made HNT into something pornographic rather than artsy. I found her blog only today and I feel bad in part because Kate's a definite MILF and in having browsed her entire archive in search of all of her HNT pics I'd like to see much more of her - and more naked than half naked.

I feel a bit crappy too, though, because I'll bet that both Kate and Kimmy would look down their noses at the stuff I post and see it only as smut. Sure, I consider it a nice bonus when somebody pops a boner when he's looking at what I might post of our adventures, but I never really mean for anything I show off here to be pornographic. Explicitly demonstrative of the intensity of sensation and emotion that Dee and I experience in enjoying some splendorific sex, sure, but "dirty?" Never!

Every time I try to take some artsy pictures of my "junk" that
darned "baby batter" comes gushing out to ruin the shot.
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Rosie said...

Well, Joe, I can only encourage you to keep trying. (As I do ;) Something artsy may come yet.

MikeCindynJoe said...

I say, don't change a thing and "keep it up".

With a variation of what Rosie said, "Something artsy may come yet.". I don't know about "art", but something is sure to cum yet...

... most likely you!

this girl said...

insert hand/penis comment here


Tom Paine said...

You are what you are, there's no need for explanations. You provide a service for those who want to vicariously live through your writings and photos. Are they "over the top"? For some, yes. But when did they put out a manual for what we should all enjoy?

My wife tells me that I think about sex too much, that I need to stop talking about her having sex with other people so much.


kimmyk said...

Well, see...yeah.

That's really all I can say.

Of course as a man you wanna look up some girls hoo-ha. Me as a woman? I have a hard enough time digesting mine let alone trying to disect some other womans. I have no problem with the female or male body for that matter, but to call your cum art...well, I sorta have a problem seeing that as art. But that's just me and my humble opinion on the free internet.

I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy whatever/whoever it is that you're doing.

daboga75 said...

I love people: so eager to see nudity as art, but when that nudity involves "baby batter" or sexual acts it can no longer possibly be construed as art.

Just like there's no art in pornography (yeah, not much, but it's there).

I see alot of non-sexual art that is anything but art or artsy; but no one complains until there is a cock and pussy in the picture.

Maybe we should consider anything that could sexually arouse a person as artless.

We'll just have to do without some very great historical works of art, along with a bunch of contemporary works.

Then we can all spend our time looking at porn. :P