Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Most Natural Thing in the World

Much of my enjoyment in having Dee's remarkably unabashed sexuality at my disposal nearly all the time is derived from her being so deliciously and naughtily uninhibited. She was like that to some degree even when we first met, almost 24 years ago to the week, seemingly eager for me to see her nude and to touch her fun parts, but even that part of her life was prudish compared to now.

I love that when we're out on one of our "dates" she's not the least bit shy whether we're with a longtime lover or somebody totally new. She's out of her clothes eagerly as if it's the most natural thing in the world to be naked, and she presents her body to a man for their mutual pleasure, again, as if it's not the least bit extraordinary to be married but enjoying sex with whomever she desires.

There seems to be quite a market online for CFNM pictures featuring clothed females teasing the hard cocks of nude males; indeed, I enjoy them myself in some measure. I find equally stimulating, though, the opposite - the nude woman being pleasured by a clothed man who's content to keep his pants on to tend to his partner's wants and needs.

On a number of occasions Dee's been fingered and licked to climax by guys who've not gotten out of their clothes yet when they've brought her to her first orgasms, and I found those scenarios to be smoking hot. There was my wife, without a stitch of clothing on, bare before her lover and with nothing to do except present her nude form to him for him to do with her as he pleased, and she ate up all the attention with a smile, then a grin, then the rictus of intense orgasm, all so beautifully.

There's no self consciousness, no hesitation when it comes to taking off her clothes or being stripped by a horny guy. I really adore that about her - her eagerness to indulge so freely in everything that she enjoys about being shared.

Though Arnie's still dressed even down to his shoes,
Dee's totally nude and relishing all of the attention.
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1 comment:

David Haley said...

Hello Joe......I've been reading your blog for awhile now and I think you come closest to anyone of my own sexual personality although I can't get my wife to accommodate me like Dee does for you...If you were a neighbor of mine I would suspect we would probably be best friends...I know exactly how you feel about your wife and at the same time being bi..