Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Fun Tonight!

We'll be seeing Mike this evening because of a professional commitment this week on our usual play night, and Don will be dropping by for what he likes to call a "cameo appearance" - i.e. a quickie on his way between one place and another.

I really enjoy the vague sense of tension I feel in my "loins" (One of those words that I find so funny in romance novels.) on a day such as this when I'm just waiting for all our clothes to come off so we can partake in all the forms of naked delight that we enjoy together. I'm hyper conscious at the moment of the feeling of my cock against the fabric of my boxers, slightly straining to be touched more firmly than the tautness of the cloth can provide. Should I give him a few rubs? Nah. I'll wait for later when he can be touched properly by hungry lips and tongues.

I'm amazed that I've arrived at a point in my life where I truly feel that my own pleasure is secondary. Not that I don't love cumming - you know that I do. And, not that I feel in any way subservient or cuckolded - you know I hate that kind of thinking and don't view myself as being there at all. I just have a much larger need to be the one giving (or at least helping along) the others' orgasms than to cum right off myself. My own climax, usually later in the evening, is more dynamic after I've immersed myself in my wife's and our friends' orgasms for an hour or better.

My penchant for sucking cock is growing. The last few times we've been with Mike I could barely give his cock up to Dee once I started in on it. I just love everything about having my face down there from the actual sucking to licking his balls and between his buns too. When Mike moans and writhes around it only fuels my passion for pleasuring him all the more. I like getting him close to squirting and then backing off a few times. When he finally works his cock up into Dee after I do that their mutual pleasure seems even more explosive.

I still have to kill about an hour and a half before Dee gets home from work, we eat a quick supper, and head up to the motel. I think I'll take a nap if I can. Sometimes my horny cock twitches and distracts me from dozing off. Somehow smacking it around when it does that doesn't help at all.

Scenes from the cornucopia of pleasures we shared with
Mike at the motel last week. More of the same tonight!
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