Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Another Friend Hits the 1 Year Mark!

A very happy first blog anniversary to...

...This Girl!


Miss Understood said...

Well, I thought I'd pop over and say hi after you visited my blog, (that was really nice of you...thanks!) but what I thought would be just a few minutes stay has turned into a little bit longer! So much to read! So many pics!

I've seen you over at Robbieg's site a few times, and always meant to stick my head in the door. Now that I have, I know where to cum. I mean come. It looks like you have a great thing going on over here...and I'm sure you'll be seeing me again :)

this girl said...


i am humbled and yet so very happy for your present - the pic! Those hands!!!

Thank you SO much - for the well wishes, for the picture, for your comments, for your blog!

Have a GREAT time tonight!...and OH! those hands!!!!!

niko said...

nice blog !