Monday, November 20, 2006

Gonna Be Another Long Day

Dee, Mike, and I are all eager for the festivities this evening to commence. Though it's not even 6:30 AM we're all awake. Dee and he did their usual morning chat and he and I just exchanged our first mails of the day. As usual on the day of a date night, it's going to be another extra long day at work in trying to keep my mind out of the motel room.

I know that Dee's hip is still tender, and particularly so after walking more than usual on the weekend, so if she's less limber later I'll be on standby to help milk Mike of every last drop we can get him to squirt. That old joke about how a buddy is a guy who'll go out to the city, get two blow jobs, and bring one back for you - well, I've become that kind of buddy.

In honor of Dee's 200th extramarital experience (The guy at Fleshbot referred to her last as her 199th "infidelity." Not so because it's all done with my blessing.) I made up this little graphic using my own lovely cock and balls. 200! Two-hundred times that my sweet wife took off her pants and pleasured a hard cock with her luscious body, sometimes as many as four on a single date.

4:30 PM Addendum...
Just a little over an hour till Dee and I will be heading up to the motel to meet Mike and my brain is going crazy with only one thought - sucking Mike's cock. Whatever he and Dee might do together is incidental at the moment because I need to deep throat him.

Mike in Dee

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Rosie said...

Hmmm, interesting c & b graphic. A solid wall of them. Enjoy tonight and all the happy past memories.

openeyes said...

love your blog. great photo.