Tuesday, November 21, 2006

On the Other Side of 200

We had a fantastic time with Mike last night celebrating both Dee's 200th time of extramarital love making and Mike's 100th time with her. The orgasms were plentiful all around - generously given and graciously received, and the accompanying Ohhhhhhhs and Ahhhhhhhhs could have rivaled the ones you hear at the Independence Day fireworks display. Well, the ones in my own head at least because I don't know if I actually gave them voice while I watched Dee and Mike go at it and stroked my throbbing, dripping cock.

Those 100 times with Mike included the time I drove Dee and him around while they made each other climax with fingers and mouths in turn, and the Easter afternoon when Mike was going to town inside Dee's pussy and the kids came home from visiting my parents early, almost catching us with our pants down.

Considering that Mike makes Dee cum - oh, a conservative estimate might be five or six times every time we see him - he's likely brought her to climax over 500 times.

And taking into account that Mike's always good for at least two or three (Sometimes more.) good orgasms himself in a single evening, Dee's made him squirt probably 300+ times.

We weren't looking to start a beautiful friendship when we first met Mike. All the four of us (including Don that first time we met Mike) were counting on was having an evening of great sex. It's kind of ironic that sometimes friendships lead to sex, but in our case sex has led us to two great friendships with Mike and with Don. Here's hoping we'll be with them well into celebrating the 1,000s!
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Banana Boy said...

I'm really happy that you've made friends and have been able to share your love and your lust with people.

I'll be bashing away to the pics, as always...

Rosie said...

I know just how gratifying having both sex and a friend can be. The fireworks must have actually happened for the BIG 200/100 event.