Sunday, November 05, 2006

Monitors, Tributes, and Bears! Oh, My!

Somebody's standing tall as he's watching Dee
mount me and guide her sweet hole to the tip of my cock.

I've been visiting two of the wife picture posting websites that I used to haunt long ago, back when fantasies of sharing Dee were in the same box as those of someday visiting the moon just for the hell of it, and I see that the "monitor" and "tribute" hounds are still alive and well. I mentioned here a long time ago that I have a bad taste for the guys who ask for monitor (A pic of his wife on your monitor with your stiff cock poking up in her honor.) and tribute (A pic of his wife which you've printed and then ejaculated onto.) pics.

For the record I like the monitor and tribute pics that've been sent to Dee and me over the past four years, but neither one of us has ever "begged" for them in a public forum. It's only the audacious asking for them publicly that makes me cringe with disdain.

I suppose my negativity toward those who want your dick to give them alms, particularly by ejaculating, comes from my own view of enjoying nude pictures, amateur or pro. It's like this... When I masturbate at the computer I go through lots of pictures, preferably "fresh" ones most recently downloaded and previously unviewed. Although I archive onto CDs just about every "dirty" picture that I get, I rarely look through the old ones. I need new ones. Every day. I need my fix and if my ISP is down I practically get the shakes.

I give every photo a cursory glance while toying lightly with my cock. The better ones which catch my eye for one reason or another get a few extra seconds on the screen and inspire an extra finger slide or two or a bit of a firmer touch while I'm enjoying them. The positively stellar pictures - of women (and/or men) who really make me stand up and take notice are moved to my TDF ("to die for") folder. These are the pictures to which I'll return when I'm ready to start stroking my cock in earnest and building the sensations toward the gooey release that I'll be needing. I hem and haw as I go back and forth through the freshest pictures in the TDF folder to find the one, single shot most "worthy" of being before my eyes when my cock begins to gush and the pleasure that I live for courses through me in spastic jolts of amazing pleasure.

So, anyway... It's important to me to select that one picture that's going to be the one to put me over the edge into orgasmic bliss, and I sort of resent being told, "Here! Spray your spunk on this one of my wife!" I understand that for some guys, that splash of cum on a picture of the Mrs. affords some very small degree of the rich things I feel when a man's actually spraying his pleasure into Dee's warm body, but when I give up the goo it's going to be for that one hot lady or man with whom I'd most like to be at that precise moment. I'm not going to "waste" a load of jit (Anybody still call it that? We called it that in high school, thirty years ago.) over a picture that really doesn't make me want to climb into it. I'll "tribute" whom I please, thank you. In short, don't come to me. If you float my boat and make my balls hum, I'll cum to you!

He's nearly drowning Dee's nude
form in his pearly, warm semen!
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