Sunday, December 10, 2006

And There Went the Weekend

It might've been about two weeks ago that Dee was on a mass mail kick - sending basically the same long e-mail with a few of her nudie pics to everybody in her "fun" inbox. It was a little frustrating to me (She CC's me all of her outgoing mails.) because I really miss the personal interaction she used to engage in with her fans - the many guys who write to her about the nude and action pics of her that we show off online in various places. I "complained" for want of a better word that she was sending the same generic mail to everybody and it was then that she told me that the mails were becoming just a chore to her.

Since then I've been doing our usual posts, but under my name and e-mail address rather than Dee's. Now all the mails are coming to me, and for as much as I love the compliments, I do understand how Dee thinks of them more as work than pleasure. That's where I've been the past couple of days instead of writing here. I've been trying to keep my head above the pile of mails - and they keep coming in faster than I can reply to the ones which are already backlogged.

Everybody wants something it seems. There are the guys who want me to play therapist - to tell them why their own wives don't want to fuck them, as well as the guys who want the secret forumla whereby which they can change their own wives into hot wives. There are the gents who want me to tell them the whole story of how we ended up where we are with an open marriage that works so nicely. There are, of course, the pic grubs. There are always the pic grubs - the guys who want me to mail them all the pics we can't post on the free boards which only allow R rated pics. And, not to be forgotten, are all the guys who want to fuck Dee. Most of them crack me up in thinking that a a quick spit of their stats, in something that doesn't even qualify as a sentence, is going to have Dee juicing and yanking down her panties for them.

If not for finding the occasional gem of a guy mixed in with all the assholes I'd probably not bother to tend to the mails myself either. The truth is, though, that we've found all of Dee's lovers online, either ourselves or through Don's network of acquaintances. And while we're not really looking for anybody new to join us in bed there are some really great guys out there who will likely someday end up naked with us, and tending to the mails is the only way to find them among the many duds.

So I plod along, enjoying the nice mails written by gentlemen to make us feel good and to thank us for our posts, but mostly saying, "No!" as courteously as I can manage to all the boneheads who want something from me and write as if they think I somehow owe them what they're asking for.

On the brighter side of things, we had a wonderful date night with Mike this past week. We were quite amused when Dee spied the headboard with the chunks of missing paper veneer because we knew when we'd used that same room in the past. The missing pieces were our fault from when we celebrated Dee's 100th time with Don and we'd taped a little sign to the headboard to note the occasion in our pictures. Little did we realize that the headboard was nothing more than a hunk of particle board with a paper wood grain pattern and that the paper would come off with our tape.

The pieces missing from the paper
veneer on the headboard here...

...were our fault from this sign which we'd
taped up to celebrate Dee's 100th time with Don.

We took some pics of Dee's Christmas party dress this afternoon. It's a black number and it only covers from just above her areolas on down - her shoulders and the tops of her creamy tits are totally bare. She suggested that I e-mail one of the pics in which she's wearing the dress and a devilish grin to Dan. I did. It'll be interesting to see if he replies to me. I should have sent him this view of the dress instead, perhaps.

Pax vobiscum! May all your holiday preparations be stress free!

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{milla} said...

i love reading your blog! i'm just a lil Australian chicky who's exploring her kinky side, but it's lovely to ready about such a happy marriage. You give me hope!