Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Dee. She's What's for Dinner!

In just a little over an hour Dee will walk in the door from work and I'll be waiting here nude and hard for her. It was she this morning, when we were talking about supper, who suggested that I pick up some fresh steaks after dropping kiddo off at work, but to delay starting them in the broiler until after we could make love.

I got two gorgeous hunks of Delmonico, but it's Dee's entire bottom that I'm most hungry to taste. I look forward to being comfortably stuffed with steak, baked potatoes, and glazed carrots, but not until I've had my fill of Dee sucking my cock and then feeling the warm walls of her pussy caressing me until all I can do is give in to the maddening sensations in spite of trying to hold back for just a little longer and gush into her with a long, low groan.

Fuck the steak! Oh, wait. I think I read
about that in Penthouse Letters once.

This sex before dinner thing is fantastic and it's something we've not been able to do, really, since we became parents until most recently when teenage employment blessed us. I love the kids, but I'm looking forward to the empty nest. I want a naked room like Terry Bradshaw's character has in Failure to Launch. Okay, I want a naked house, but I'll settle for a room.

Speaking of food and sex - New Girl had something for lunch today that was rather phallic in appearance and before she took the first bite of it she made sure that she had my full attention. She gave it a lingual flourish and then put it into her mouth slowly, keeping total eye contact with me and giving me that "Don't you wish that this was your cock?" look. I groaned an, "Oh God!" and Very New Girl (about whom I've not yet written here) nearly spit out a mouthful of her own lunch in laughing at both of us. I really love the women I work with! (The few who aren't total cunts.)
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