Sunday, December 31, 2006

Ending The Year With A Bang

I awoke just a few minutes ago on this last day of 2006 to find an excited Dee kissing me like something's up. Indeed, something is!. Both kids will be staying with friends tonight which we just found out overnight it seems in a late e-mail from the younger, so in their morning chat Dee and Mike considered the possibility of him joining us for the Eagles' game, (He's a die-hard fan.), after which the three of us can end the year blissfully naked together.

I think my first drop of pre-cum was already seeping into my sweat pants before Dee finished asking me if I thought their little plan would be okay. I have to say, I'm almost as excited, I think, as I was that first time I took Dee out to meet Don. For having been with Mike over 100 times now, you'd think that the excitement would be long gone and that something like this would be old hat. Sometimes, though, with both Don and Mike, it feels like the excitement's just beginning and that we've barely scratched the surface of all the pleasures to be given and gotten with them - not only pleasures of the body which are fantastic - but of the heart, mind, and spirit as well.

It could be the Eagles' game that's making a difference in compounding the excitement for me today. To Mike, a Philly game is almost a sacred event, so I'm thrilled in the anticipation of watching today's game with him - even more so in thinking that as soon as the coast is clear Dee will be undressing herself and working on getting Mike out of his clothes as well so they can start a prolonged foreplay of teasing together while waiting for the time on the clock to expire on an Eagles' victory.

I suppose it would be too much to ask that somehow we could time it for Mike to reach orgasm just as an Eagle crosses into the end zone for a touchdown?

Our recurring Eagles theme is featured here as Dee lifts Mike's special
Jaws jersey to make her tits accessible to his hands while they move in
sync during their love making on our own bed back in September.

Happy New Year's Eve!
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Steve said...

I can no longer watch Jaworski on ESPN without thinking of this pic;)


Kitty's Tiger said...

I agree with steve. Evertime I try to watch tvnow i will see this fine arse on top of your lucky man. I love your guys site and will be back in the future. Like everyday...

dirtylittlegirl said...

What fun - and I saw the Eagles won so it must have been an even sweeter victory for you ;) Happy New Year!