Saturday, December 30, 2006

Stray Thoughts

The Ripley's Believe It or Not offering in today's paper said something about singing eunuchs in India which made me wonder... Would I enjoy sucking a eunuch's cock if there were no balls to play with? I kind of doubt it 'cause half the joy of playing with a guy is using my tongue all over and under his nuts. Then again, would a eunuch let me suck his dick if he had zero desire for sex? How quickly some thoughts become moot by nature of their very absurdity!

I was reading through some very old mails from when I first got on the 'net ten and a half years ago and had to laugh at some of the things I wrote back then. There was a lady whose husband posted pictures of her in the newsgroups with an invitation to write to her. (Sound familiar?) I wrote with some casual compliments and she sent back more intimate pictures of herself with a request that I tell her how her pictures might inspire me. (Of course, now, cynic that I've become, I wonder if it wasn't actually the husband pretending to be his wife.) I wrote this awful paragraph among others...

I'd start by kissing and licking your fantastic ass all over. If you'd let me, I'd even flick my tongue all around your anus until I could feel the juices running from your precious pussy down onto my tongue, telling me that you need more. So slowly that you would moan, I would then snake my tongue up your slit until it reached your magic button. I would open my mouth as wide as I could and lower it onto you there so my lips could chew on your beautiful vulva as my tongue would dance and flicker on your clit. As I would be doing this, my fingers would be probing the inside of your vagina, stroking the hot wet tissues and imagining how good it would feel to put my penis into you there.

Magic button?
Tissues? Who the fuck describes the inside of a hot cunt as "tissues?" Apparently I did. Sheesh! How utterly clinical of me.

This one's from a fantasy letter I sent to a number of guys who posted pictures of themselves online when I first became bi-curious. It's just as bad...

Can you feel the flat surface


Banana Boy said...

I particularly loved the use of the word "vulva".

Dee's Husband Joe said...

A good chunk of this post was truncated by Blogger for no reason that I can determine. I didn't have it archived. Thus the abrupt ending.