Sunday, December 03, 2006

Happy Face

I've seen Dee do some pretty amazing things over the past four years - amazing for her because they're almost totally the opposite of what she'd done all her life. She became sexually active young and had had a variety of partners before I met her and we became exclusive with our affections, but she was plain vanilla in what she did.

Part of the thrill of sharing Dee for me is watching her doing things with her lovers now that she'd never done with anybody, not even me, until the big change four and a half years ago. For example, when she was young she had licked her lovers' cocks on occasion, even moving her lips up and down the undersides of their shafts to bring them to orgasm, but the thought of putting a cock inside of her mouth was anathema to her. During the first few years of our marriage I was occasionally treated to one of those lip jobs, and on rare occasions she'd even put my whole glans in her mouth for maybe a minute, but as the years went on sometimes months passed without Dee's mouth going anywhere south of my nipples.

Head was a huge source of contention between us for many years after Dee stopped dispensing her oral favors to me except on rare occasions.

"If you loved me you'd want to give me the most pleasure you could."

"If you loved me you wouldn't expect me to do something so disgusting."

Enter the new Dee who sucks a guy's knob affectionately, greedily, hungrily, passionately, now and then moaning while she's doing it as if she had a hard clitoris on her tongue and that sucking him was making her approach climax. She told me that when she was sucking the second Mike's dick in our second year of sharing, she was so aroused that she actually orgasmed without having her pussy touched at all.

From the sounds she makes, I know
that Dee loves sucking Don's cock!

Two-hundred times I've watched Dee wrap her lips around a stiff cock. She's had 25 of them in her mouth besides mine since we started sharing her, and every single time I've wanted to jump up and down, dance, shout from the rooftops, throw a party because of how special it is to me to see her doing it so happily - precisely because she knows how much us guys enjoy having our dicks sucked - and in giving us that pleasure, deriving pleasure and satisfaction for herself. Though she's never become a full swallower, she's even made a few special cocks cum in her mouth.

I don't know that the day will ever come when I'll watch Dee doing something sexual without being blown away in seeing how much she's enjoying it. Now if I could just get her to enjoy steamed clams with me, but she thinks they're gross. Guess I'll need to keep working on that one.
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Desireous said...

LOL Just like a man, never fucking satisfied! :-)


Cheri said...

I felt the same way for years and now look how I LOVE sucking cock too! 25 different go girl (and you keep enjoying!!)

DeesDon said...

Steamed clams... are you speaking literally or metaphorically?

Lestat said...

Especially interesting when she learns new techniques -- practice is very important or they might be forgotten ;).