Saturday, December 23, 2006

It's About Who She Is, Really

The "dreaded" party was beautiful. Dee looked amazing - which led to an epiphany for me.

On the way home Dee asked, "So how did I look? Were you proud to have me on your arm?"

I couldn't answer her immediately, because I wasn't sure how I might put what was in my heart at that moment into words, especially because I could almost see that big lightbulb atop my head turning on as it does for various cartoon characters in their "Eureka!" moments. I won't remember my literal response to Dee, but it was something like this.

Of course I was proud to have you on my arm, but how you look was incidental. I'm always proud to be seen with you, whether you're wearing old sweats or a dress like this one. It's about who you are - not how you look at any particular time. But you DO look especially wonderful tonight.

And I meant all of that most sincerely.

The self revelation in that for me is that all the showing off of Dee's body that I do online in various forms really isn't so much about how she looks. It's about her being Dee and about me considering myself the luckiest guy alive to have her as my wife. How she looks, and the kind things she does for so many people as she goes through life - they're extensions of who she is and that essence at the heart of her being is what I seek to "glorify."

This blog is essentially about sex because ever since I found out that my cock wasn't only for pissing, sex has been the driving force in my life. I don't write much about the many other facets of Dee's and my life together. You won't find a single Flickr gallery of our vacation pictures on the 'net though you might come up lots of photos of Dee nude and making love. But even this... All of this - the writing about her sexuality and depicting her love-making experiences with her lovers is about her essence more than about her body and the rich pleasures it gives and receives. This is my focus because sex IS my focus, but it's not all that Dee is about. What I write here about how generously she shares her heart and her spirit and her being with her lovers thrills me. But that same generosity of heart is what makes her one in a million to many people all the time who experience her sweetness and willingness to help in so many ways. With her clothes on. No matter what she happens to be wearing.
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Rosie said...

You are both so lucky to have each other and to have found a 'lifestyle' that works for you both. And Dee certainly does look fabulous, especially in that dress.

Sandy's Space said...

A long and loving relationship is based on the support and encouragement each person gives to the other. The perfect marriage is not one that is argument free, it is one where love is given unconditionally. It endures pot bellies, child birth and double chins. To hear you talk about Dee as you have in this note is truly a sign of endering and true love. I know, my late husband was like that with me and because he loved me unconditionaly it allowed me to be the best I could be in all levls of my life. Bravo to you Joe, but more to the loving relationship you share with Dee.

Mr. & Mrs SW said...

Have enjoyed reading about your adventures with Dee and look forward to more post in 2007. Wishing you and Dee a very happy hoilday

Willy said...

Dee looked gorgeous in that dress, so of course anyone would be proud to have her on his arm. We've seen Dee in many photos without clothes and she looks beautiful, now we know she looks yummy in clothes too lol.