Friday, January 26, 2007

Back in the "Saddle"

It had been a month since we'd managed to see Don so last night was our first time with him in 2007. I jokingly call him the Ass Master sometimes because of his fondness for doing Dee between the buns, but I'm only half trying to be amusing when I call him that. By the time stamps on the pictures, it was only 12 minutes beyond when Dee first took Don's cock into her mouth that he requested my assistance in moving his cock from her pussy, where he'd already brought her to orgasm, to her ass, and it was my pleasure to take hold of his stiff dick and ease the tip through the tight ring of Dee's asshole. Don's not the only one who loves having his cock in Dee's ass because she loves it too. The sounds that come from Dee's throat when she's cumming from Don's cock working her ass are totally unlike any sounds she ever makes. It was positively great to see Don back "in the saddle" with Dee again last night giving her the unique orgasms that he delivers to her.

Of course I was on edge with arousal and anticipation as I watched them play. My abstinence from masturbating paid off handsomely as I felt subtle sensations down there under my balls that I haven't felt in quite some time as my cock strained to feel what I was watching Don feel inside of Dee. At times I felt like I was 14 with a dirty book again in being aroused to a state of near climbing the walls. My orgasm in Dee's pussy was unlike any that I've felt in maybe a year or longer. I can't even try to put it into words so I'll just give you this view of her hole beginning to ooze my cum and let you imagine how good it felt when I was spraying it into her.

I'll have to try that abstinence thing again, maybe next year sometime if you remind me. For now, though, I think I'm going back to cumming more often but less intensely. I've forgotten how to amuse myself without spending a bunch of quality time with my dick in my hand every day.

Here's a small montage of some of my favorite shots from last night. They're not thumbnails - clicking them won't get you any prizes.

Have a great weekend!
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Kitty's Tiger said...

great pics all of them. Like everyone would e better blown up butawsome nonetheless.. thanks guys

KYCM said...

It appears the intensity in your feeling seems to have been worth it. I know the visual tells a good story. Great for you all to be "Back in the saddle." Thanks for all you do!


Willy said...

Hell Joe, i'm getting eyestrain trying to look at those pics!! Just joking.

Denis Connor said...

I actually kind of like the "nonclickable thumbnails." There's more of a sense of "tease" to it, and when you take in the images all in one look, it gives you a sense of the energy of the evening, of motion, of activity.

Mac said...

I never tire of looking at Dee. Beautiful pictures as always. How wonderful 2007 has started out.

AlwaysArousedGirl said...


bad influence girl said...

AAG said it best! I WANT TO CLICK!

but damm, i think you should try delayed gratification before date nights and not otherwise... makes for some extra anticipation right?


Woody said...

Nothing more sensual to me than to see those cum shots with spunk oozing out.