Monday, January 08, 2007

Cleaning House

I got a notice today that somebody had unsubscribed from the Yahoo! Group that I once had running to showcase extra pictures of our date nights, and it occurred to me that it had been a long time since I cleaned my online house myself. I spent quite a bit of time after work doing just that. With my trusty notebooks which hold all my log-ins and passwords in hand, I did a whirlwind tour of some favorite old haunts to see if they still served any of my needs, and checked out some new things I'd set aside to review. I tend to sign up for every free sex related website that comes down the pike without fully assessing it initially, and then go back to it later, on a day like today, to see if it's worth keeping in my favorites list. Most of them aren't because they're bad imitations of the good things already out there. Do we really need yet another nude amateur posting forum? I think not.

House cleaning also entails logging into every last one of my numerous web mail accounts to blow out the spams, empty the trash, and give the new messages a cursory glance to find maybe one or two that were acutally written to me by a live person. Some of these accounts go way back to when I was just a bi-curious, internet neophyte who'd done no more than cast a furtive, but longing glance at the cock in the next urinal. I keep the accounts active simply because they're mine, though I have no use for most of them. It would be too weird to let them expire and chance upon seeing somebody else using one of them.

I enabled comment moderation here today and if moderating gets to be too much like work I'll simply disable commenting all together. I've always intended this blog to be like a book - not an interactive forum. Well meant comments I admittedly enjoy, but I have no need of nor use for anyone's negative feedback because they're simply not entitled to it. If you don't like what's here, move on. I will not cater to anyone other than to myself; you're here for the ride, not to drive. I will not apologize for my occasional abrasiveness (It's a part of who I am both online and in "real life.") nor allow it to draw me into battles of wits with the unarmed. Approximately 800 folks visit here on an average day so I'm doing more right than wrong by the people who matter to me. The rest I simply don't care about - certainly not enough to allow them to shit on me in my own "house."

Gary sent me a few pictures of his hard cock today asking if I'd shrink them for him so he could send them out to potential fuck buddies. I was, naturally, glad to be of assistance, but I couldn't help but to imagine while I was looking at the pictures he'd sent of what might've happened all those (over 30) years ago if, when he and I looked at porn together in his bedroom, one of us had suggested a mutual stroking session. In retrospect, I think the idea coursed through my head on occasion, but not clearly - more just like a general, "I really want sex with somebody," kind of thinking and never in a, "I want sex with a guy," kind of way. Though both he and I agree that it's best not to mess around with each other now after 33 years of being friends, he does have a great looking dick and I do enjoy seeing it.

Gary looks good sporting wood!
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Kitty's Tiger said...

Let me be the first to tell you, You Go Girl. I could not agree more. If I don't like a tv show then I change the damn channel. If you don't like my blog then don't cum back. I agree I like to put some stories into words for people to enjoy or think about things. I do enjoy comments but I don't have to have them. I love your blog, have been here everyday and will be back every day..

spinningmia said...

I certainly love reading your blog and am here every day. I love your honesty. You and Dee are beautiful, wonderful people, and, as you already know, most people who come here feel the same way. Your blog and lifestyle are an inspiration to me; I can't thank you enough for sharing so much of yourself.

KYCM said...

It's your do with it as you please. I just feel honored to be allowed this insight and to now be the friends we have become. Though i don't "know" you, I feel like i "know of" you all. Thanks for all my sweet and special friends!!!

Willy said...

If I were gary, I would not contemplate having you shrink my cock!!!