Sunday, January 28, 2007

A Favored View

I was thinking of some of the guys with whom Dee made love when she first started branching out beyond our biweekly thing with Don and remembered one of my favorite pictures out of all of them when she was with Mike #2 - the second guy named Mike she saw in the summer of 2003, a full year after Don took her extramarital virginity. For most of that first year Dee was Don's lover exclusively when we shared our bed or rented a space, but back then a lot of great guys were writing to us and we had a week to fill every second week so we often met with somebody new.

Everything about Dee's love making with Mike (Henceforth, Mike #2, about whom I'm writing this post.) was passionate from their first kisses as soon as the motel room door closed behind us. Mike pulled Dee close to him as their lips met and both of them caressed each other's clothed backs with broad, massaging strokes as their kisses grew more urgent.

Mike started undressing Dee, but hardly broke their prolonged, impassioned kiss to remove each item of her clothing. I was highly aroused watching him strip her down while kissing her so deeply - almost as if he hadn't been with a woman in ages. I could tell how much he wanted her by the way he touched her body and used his tongue inside her mouth. I couldn't wait to see the new cock which would soon be penetrating my wife's wet pussy, but Mike's clothes stayed on until Dee who was soon totally nude in his arms fumbled to start taking her new lover's clothes off while trying not to break their amazing kiss.

When Dee finally got Mike down to just his skin, she led him to the edge of the bed, sat him down and knelt between his legs. I was torn between watching Mike's face and my wife's head bobbing up and down the length of his hard cock. The absolute satisfaction Mike was feeling inside Dee's mouth was reflected in every nuance of his expression - the way he looked at her - how his mouth soundlessly formed an "O" whenever her soft tongue circled a particularly sensitive spot - the way his eyes rolled when she moved down to lick and suck under his balls. I thought for sure that when Dee arose he would fuck her hard and fast, but instead he laid her back on the bed to return her oral favors with his own and got her off a number of times with his tongue before moving up to mount her.

Though I'm not puting it here because I'm really not making a pictorial of the whole story and I have a number of favorites in the set, another shot I really like is of Dee's little fingers guiding the tip of her lover's cock to her opening as she awaits his initial thrust. Once he was inside her, Mike moved like a well oiled machine, drilling her pussy with the same raw passion with which he was kissing her. Oh, did Mike love to kiss - just as much as he loved to fuck. Before the evening was through, Mike came twice in Dee's pussy and once in her ass.

Here I am once again taking the long route to get somewhere because I started here simply wanting to show you one of my highly favored pictures of Dee with a guy, and I'm not there yet. I'm getting there though, with this shot which I think in part shows the passion felt by both Dee and Mike in their coupling.

Mike's bottomed out in Dee's hot cunt, his ass is taut because he's still pushing, and Dee's pulling on him as if to urge her lover's cock even deeper into her body. The position of Mike's head shows that they're still kissing while they're fucking. I remember growing somewhat impatient that evening in waiting for a chance to stick my own needy cock into my wife because it seemed that Mike was always joined with her in some way, if not with his cock in one of her welcoming holes, then with his mouth to hers while they stroked each other and Mike got hard again. Such passion! It was quite remarkable.

This brings me finally to the shot I've been leading up to. If it's a disappointment to you for any reason, I'm sorry, but it's one that's often on my monitor when I'm bringing myself to orgasm manually. It's of Mike on the outstroke the second time he was fucking Dee, and not long off from filling her with another load of hot cum. My face was nearly as close as the camera as I watched his hard cock working Dee's tight hole. I could smell the heady scent of Dee's arousal as well as Mike's first load of cum, and I could hear distinctly every wet, sucking sound their bodies made every time Mike pushed himself deep into Dee's snatch and then slid backward to thrust into her again. I snapped the shutter as fast as the camera could manage to process one shot and then take another, and somewhere in the attempt to get at least one exceptional picture of his cock in my wife's pussy, I got this one:

Again, my apologies if you find yourself less than thrilled with this shot, but to me it speaks volumes to me of what sharing Dee with other men is all about. It's the way Dee's labia minora are clinging to Mike's hard shaft on his outstroke that thrills me, perhaps inordinately. It's almost as if her body doesn't want his cock to withdraw and is pulling on it to keep it inside her. Oh, I know it's just a matter of friction, but this sight of the mouth of her cunt being drawn out by her lover's dick makes me giddy. It makes me want to grab her, kiss her as passionately as Mike did that night, and push myself into her until I can feel my glans saying hello to her cervix. It makes me want to thank her verbally for the umpteenth time for being as wild as she is and for bringing the rich fantasy of watching her being fucked by other men to life for me as eagerly and as often as she does. Actually, I'll be doing both of those things before the sun sets today.

A picture that inspires me to worship my wife? Every guy should be so lucky as to have one - and a wife worthy of his worship.
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Giacomo said...

Joe, I think the last photograph is awesome. Don't even think about apologizing for it.

Woody said...

I can't stand up right now. Yes to get that shot the wonderful smell of sex perfume had to be overwhelming. Few men will ever experience such a thrill. As many times before Joe has shown his generosity in sharing Dee.


KYCM said...

A Woman as special as Dee deserves your worship an that you do and admit this to her and the world shows yor unconditional love or her. I admire the relationship you two have. Your open relationship, honesty and understanding make you two what you are. My total respect and highest regards for two very special people who I have came to know and admire greatly. Thanks for your insights and varied subjects regarding your lives. Each day with you two makes my world so much better.
Hugsssssssssssssssss D & J!!!

Mac said...

Gee, Joe. This is a post I missed until today. That is truly a beautiful, fantastic photo. Dee's labia stretched to the limit with Mike's hard cock buried deeply inside. I'm sure her pussy didn't want to let it go. I know the sight must have been awesome and the sweet smell of sex is so heady and intoxicating. I wonder if you ever go back and read older posts to see if there are ever any late comments such as this one?