Monday, January 29, 2007

Rusty Armor

Always fancied myself to be a slayer of dragons, rescuer of distressed damsels, general dogooder of some kingdom in my daydreams when I was growing up, and when I'm not careful, at times I still do. I should be more mindful of something I learned in junior high about the exoskeletons of arthropods to keep my bearing - that if an ant, for example, were to grow to the size of a dump truck, the weight of its own carapace would crush it to death. Thus, I'd be an unlikely candidate to sport a suit of shining armor, and I really should stop imagining myself being shoe-horned and Vaselined into one in particular when the closest I can get to any dragon I might want to fight is half a country away and accessible only via an internet connection.

I was visiting some of the blogs in my sidebar this afternoon and made what I thought was an eyebrow raising observation. Now, I don't know if it's true or not because I've done no statistical comparison on it, but it seems true enough at a glance - that us guys who read women's blogs want to be their knights and superheroes. It seems that we comment a hell of a lot more on the blogs of ladies who have problems in their lives than we do on the blogs of headstrong woman who don't appear to be in need of anything by way of our words. We offer our best hopes and wishes and even dare at times to offer suggestions and unsolicited advice, and we imagine ourselves accomplishing some magnificently salvific feats to lift the burdens of the ladies who are in need. In truth, though, we're nothing more than bumbling old men who don't really know much about anything, never mind about how to fix people who are broken, sometimes in ways we could never even fathom.

I'm embarrassed at times about things I wrote to some ladies in need when I first started reading their blogs. Who the hell did I think I was to imagine that I could make a difference from a desk chair miles and miles away with nothing to offer but words, words, and more words? To think that my hopes and wishes, no matter how deeply felt and sincerely offered, could do anything to ease the pain of a shattered marriage, a ruined child, the loss of a loved one to death?

Vanity, thy name is not woman. You're a guy who reads some lady's blog and thinks he can be her knight by dropping her a comment. If that's all it took I'd long ago have changed my name to Galahad.

I can be a friend with a sympathetic ear,
but I'm nobody's anything in shining armor.
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this girl said...

HAHAHAHA Joe, that was priceless! (and the pic too!)

From my point of view, when i'm going through a rough time and anyone offers even one word of encouragement, it is so helpful and appreciated.

So don't short-change yourself - sometimes all a dragon-slayer needs is a um..great pair of, um...



this girl

KYCM said...

Perchance not galahad, but the important thing is you are a person and protector of the lovely dee, as her husband....and as the picture shows, you are just one of us lowly men. Comfyin our skin but wanting to be all and more to the ladies we love and care about. I like your style.....very fond of Dee as well. I think you both know how great I think you are. My bloggage friends and two great people. Monday Morning Hugssssssssssss and a soft kiss of the Wonderful Dee's ass....just in admiration of such beauty. The rest of her get kisses and licks....WOO HOO!! You Joe.....jury is still out on that but you are so cute....possibilities abound!!!


Mac said...

Well, Joe, I can identify with what you say. I think it's a man's nature to want to fix women's problems. We want to come to their rescue. I know I do. I think it's because we genuinely and wholeheartedly just love women, all women. I've given my share of advice to damsels in distress and many times it has gotten me into trouble but I still do it on occassion. I seem to want to take all their cares and problems away. Yes, Joe, we just love the opposite sex. Nothing wrong with that.

Innocent said...

You're not alone. I think we (men) are still struggling with who we are in this post -feminist world. We did used to be dragon slayers if only in a small way. Now the damsels doing the slaying themselves. Sad but true.

this girl said...

ohh Harry - your post made me sad. One of the things i love about the lifestyle i'm part of is that it gives complete license for Men to be Men, not the little boys society seems to have turned Men into. AND on the flip side, it gives me complete freedom to not slay my own dragons, but to rely on the God-given, natural strength of a Man. i don't want to slay my own dragons and frankly am tired of doing so (have to at present because i'm single..etc). So Men...slay on! Please...there are truly damsals who wish for it.

AND i know what i write can be controversial for alot of women but let it be said that it is my opinion only as well as my want and desire (and need).

this girl

NotSoNormal said...

Great post Joe. I can relate to wanting to slay the dragon, as well as getting a little defensive when someone else tries to slay my wife's dragons.

You're a good man Joe with a lovely wife. I sometimes envy your relationship.

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

But you HAVE made a difference for me.

And I'll never forget that.

Words are powerful, Joe. You may not be able to gallop in on a white horse but your words have changed me.

What more could you want?