Friday, January 05, 2007

Go to the HEAD of the Class

Last night's motel date with Mike was like any other as I watched Dee and Mike first kiss, then make out, then progress through Dee's initial orgasms under Mike's skilled fingers and tongue. When her clitoris needed a break from being stimulated, Dee laid Mike back, got on all fours between his outstretched legs, and worked his stiff cock and soft balls over with her dangling tits and then her warm mouth. When she was satisfied that he was sufficiently teased and in need of her pussy Dee slid her nude form up along Mike's body while reaching back to guide the tip of his dick to the dimple of her opening. With a flourish of her bottom Dee eased herself back and I saw her pussy swallow Mike's shaft whole.

I stood by as I typically do on such an evening with the camera taking in shots of Dee riding Mike almost as fast as I could switch angles and press the shutter release. My cock stood throbbing at full erection with my left hand giving it casual rubs on the underside just below the glans in what I call my "sweet spot" because it gives me the most pleasure. It's not only the sight of my precious wife's pussy sliding up and down the length of our friend's hard cock that arouses me so much; it's the anticipation of slipping up into her myself after she's full of Mike's cum. As far as I'm concerned, the whole evening's proceedings up to that point are part of my own foreplay with Dee because of how with each passing minute my desire to be inside her increases exponentially.

And so, I watched Dee and Mike going at it last night, thinking it was more of the usual wonderful stuff, but not unlike many other evenings just like it in the past.

Until Mike came in Dee and she turned to me.

More often than not, after a lover fills Dee up with his ejaculate, she likes to spend some time cuddling with him and taking a well deserved break. Last night, though, she laid me back more or less as soon as Mike finished climaxing and slipped out of her pussy, and positioned herself to give me head. She adjusted my left leg so she could lie across it and I spread both legs wide apart so she'd have access to my balls too. I saw Mike moving to position himself between my legs just as I felt Dee's velvety mouth take me in and if I didn't groan I should have. For some reason it felt like it was the first time I'd ever gotten my cock sucked. The sensations were magnified beyond belief - as if for the past few years my dick had been anesthetized and had suddenly returned to normal.

Just when I thought the pleasure couldn't get any better, I felt Mike's fingers touch me under my balls in the spot I kind of taught him about by rubbing him there on various occasions in the past. Articles I've read through the years call it the external prostate spot. Whatever it might be called, it feels great to have it stimulated and Mike zeroed in on it just perfectly with the most exquisite pressure. With a rolling motion of his fingertips Mike started rubbing me there just as Dee's lips started sliding up and down my shaft. It was glorious! The extra sensitivity of my cock combined with the stimulation down below had me moaning audibly and rolling my hips in time with Dee's head movements and if not for my burning desire to flood her pussy with my cum I'd have just kept on going to orgasm right there in Dee's mouth.

My eventual climax inside her bottom was amazing. It always is when I'm that turned on from watching her make love, but it was even more so last night after the incredible feelings that coursed through me while she was sucking my dick.

After that I gave Mike a pretty good sucking myself and then helped put his stiff cock up into Dee's dripping hole as she mounted him a second time. They finished the evening with Mike filling Dee up with even more cum and after that we called it a night.

Well, until we got home and Dee made me cum again before I put her to bed.

"With a flourish of her bottom Dee eased herself back
and I saw her pussy swallow Mike's shaft whole."
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chuck said...

WOW! Fantastic view, what a lady!