Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Needing To Cum

I'm sitting on three days worth of cum and I swear I can feel it down there in the ducts. It's Tuesday as I'm writing this and those of you know know me know how very unusual it is for me not to have "expressed myself" since Saturday because I usually cum at least once a day, and often more.

On Sunday I was in a truly pissed off mood. That's the only thing that ever stops me in my tracks when it comes to so much as even thinking about sex in any form. And then yesterday evening I felt tired early and since I'd gone two days without an orgasm I figured I'd try for another just for the hell of it. I consider it a known fact that abstaining from sex makes a subsequent climax richer in sensation, but I'm usually of the mind that more often is better than less often and more intense.

I can't say that I'm horny as a result of not cumming in three days. I don't think I'm capable of getting horny any more; my sexual urges are mostly cerebral and not physically compelling. Nevertheless, I'm most definitely feeling something down there in that general area between my balls and my ass. Not quite a pressure, but something I don't usually feel. A fullness, I suppose it might be from a build-up of fluid that's typically eliminated before it accumulates to this degree. It's a good feeling. Decidedly pleasant.

I wish I could get a prostate massage when I'm carrying this much semen around just to see if my cum would ooze from me as it's described on some of the "male milking" sites. Unfortunately, for as open minded and wild as Dee is, shoving a finger up anybody's ass isn't something she does - and, for how far she's come in expanding her horizons, it's not something I'm going to bug her about considering.

In any event, this period of dryness should be over by about 10:00 this evening because it's one of our usual sex nights here at home. I'm already anticipating how good it's going to feel when I ejaculate into Dee's warm pussy - even better than the indescribably wonderful things I always feel when my wife's making me cum. I'm hoping after I cum tonight I'll be able to keep myself in check until we see Don on Thursday. Watching Dee with one of her lovers with this particular feeling in my "loins" should be exquisite!

I really need the sensations that accompany a mess like this.
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1 comment:

KYCM said...

Hang on .... tonight will be good and I'm happy for you two to be having one of those wonderful Thursdays with Don....YAY for everyone. Not at all like you to wait but sometimes.......Anticipation is what it's all about. Hugsssssssss J & D!!