Saturday, January 06, 2007

Where in the World?

Of the various sites online where I seek out pictures of arousing, amateur women, I have to wonder... Besides the United States and the United Kingdom, where the hell is the rest of the world and why aren't they keen on showing off their ladies?

Oh, there's the rare, occasional post from somebody in Germany or elsewhere on the European mainland, but most of the posts at most of the nudie wife places are from the U.S. and the U.K. almost exclusively with the vast majority of the world conspicuously absent - at least on the showing end of the equation.

Even without considering the really backward places where women are lucky if they're allowed to show their eyes through little slits in their garb, where's everybody else? Where's Asia? Where's South America? Where's Africa? (Just to name a few massive continents not proportionately represented.)

Is there something about the vast majority of planet Earth of which I'm totally ignorant when it comes to taking off clothes, taking pictures, and showing the latter off? It sure as hell isn't a question of morality because there's no evidence of the rest of the world being any holier than the rest of us. So what is it? Any ideas? Perhaps I just need to Google "naked wife" in foreign languages?

Dee can do an imitation of an exotic
lady, but where's the real thing and
how come she's not gloriously
naked on the 'net for us to enjoy?
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DucatiGuy said...

I think you'll find one of the biggest and oldest is actually based in Australia:

(Just because it ends in .com doesn't mean it's a US site.)

The best sites I've find for couples and others to get together are also in Australia. Sadly for you guys in the other hemisphere they only cater for local players:

Kitty's Tiger said...

to hell with the rest of the world. if I hold my ear close enough to your top there can I hear the ocean... Never mind just bring them over here and I will find out for myself...The us has some of the best looking ladies in the world though. Don't believe me look at your post....

Dee's Husband Joe said...

ycart said...
lol lol its funny how you only keep the comments that make you feel comfortable or ones that you dont mind your readers reading. Any comments you dont like, you delete..... Too funny...... Typical USA people.

That's right, ycart. And how typical of the rest of the world to expect something for nothing from the United States and then to bad mouth us into the dirt at every turn.

If you want to espouse criticism, write your own blog to do it freely and at length. When you present a forum in which you welcome dissent yourself, perhaps your comments on the writing of others will be meaningful.