Friday, February 02, 2007

Satisfying the Hunger

If you knew me even five years ago you'd be as amazed as I am about whom I am today because sometimes I'm nearly unrecognizable to myself. So it is with my love of sucking dick. I mean, yeah. Back then I knew that there were gay guys out there and that they did their queer things together, but I thought about what they did kind of like I might think about what Hannibal Lecter does with his victims - in a flesh crawling way.

On Wednesday when Mike, Dee, and I were working out the details of Mike's visit here yesterday he mentioned that he'd like to shower after his arrival before Dee would be home from work. About two seconds later I had this entire scenario going through my head of Mike under the shower spray with me on my knees in front of him sucking his cock. And then all day at work that scene kept playing through my head and I kept getting more and more turned on by the thought of actually doing it. I told Mike what I was thinking. I knew he wasn't going to object to an eager cock sucking.

When I saw Mike's truck pull up across the street I was near panting with desire. We were upstairs after about five minutes of chit-chat, taking off our clothes in the bedroom, and then we headed to the bathroom. It took Mike a minute or so to get the shower temperature adjusted after near freezing his balls off. (I was smart in staying out of the tub till he got the water just right.) As I stepped into the tub Mike was soaping his cock and balls up and my knees were practically shaking in waiting for him to rinse. I got to my knees in front of him just as I had all day in my eagerness to make the daydreams real. His cock felt so fucking good in my mouth. I needed it there. It was wild under the soaking spray with the water rushing down the front of Mike's body. The wet sounds of a hard dick being sucked were even sloppier than usual. I loved it!

When we finished up in the bathroom and came back downstairs we still had about fifteen minutes before Dee would get home. Mike settled on the couch in just his tee shirt. I'd told him after the shower not to bother putting his pants on just yet. I popped a porn tape into the VCR and got back onto my knees between my friend's legs. I love having Mike's cock in my mouth when I know that it's going to be visiting my wife's mouth and pussy too. For that half hour or so before she got home yesterday, though, it wasn't about Dee. It was about Mike's cock and my mouth and how fulfilled I felt when he was moaning and responding to the pleasure I was giving to him. It was about satisfying an urge in me that I'd never felt until a few years ago. A powerful urge. A consuming urge. An urge that I don't know if I'll ever fully satisfy while I keep trying to make up for forty-some years of lost time.

...I had this entire scenario going through my head
of Mike under the shower spray with me on my
knees in front of him sucking his cock.
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