Tuesday, February 06, 2007

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Rules

When I started writing this blog, I had no particular direction in mind. It was an extension of my desire to shout from the rooftops the joy I was feeling in my life because of sharing Dee - the exhilaration of watching her going at it passionately with other men. It was, too, a futile attempt to try to understand myself behind it all so that I might be able to answer the questions that came at me all the time in the mails.

"Why do you do it?"
"How can you do it?"
"What made you want to do it?"

And so many other questions that would require a bunch of psychobabble to answer.

At some point I stopped trying to figure it out. I don't need to know how or why the internal combustion engine works in order to drive my car, and I don't need to know my motives in sharing Dee sexually with others in order to find our experiences in doing so to be among the very best moments of my entire life.

If this picture of Dee and Don doesn't even suggest to you
why I share her, no words I might write here ever will.

I still feel that unique and particular thrill, though, every time Dee's clothes come off, her pussy moistens to her lover's touch, her lips wrap around his hardness to make him desire her even more, and then with a megawatt smile she reaches for his cock and draws him inside herself. Part of why I continue to write here remains that I need this outlet to express the happiness that might make me burst if I had to keep silent about it.

At the beginning of recounting our experiences in various places online I was getting asked the same questions over and over. I continue to get them though more infrequently because I've cut back writing elsewhere. Another slice of my motivation in keeping this blog running is so I can refer questions from new contacts back to my entries here in which I've already explained (or tried to explain, at least) what they're asking me about.

I know a part of me wishes that I could get a tour bus and go from city to city espousing the benefits of having a hot wife. I want to share this. To get other couples to consider it. To get couples who are considering it to do it. To get other couples who are doing it to tell and show more about their adventures on the 'net.

And so this blog is my soapbox. My soapbox! Nobody will detract from what I write with a negative comment here. This medium is not, for the most part, an interactive venture. Think of it as a newspaper. You don't get to write the editorials here. I do.

Most of all, though, at this point, in writing here I think I simply seek to entertain. I'm no stranger to being on a stage having been a performer through most of my teens and early 20's and having enjoyed the limelight, though not enough to keep on doing the late night thing into the second half of my life. I like having an appreciative audience in whatever form at any forum.

When I read Always Aroused Girl's commandments of blog writing yesterday, I realized that by the standards she presents I'm, perhaps, not playing by the rules of being a good blogger on a number of counts. I'm serving myself with the motives for writing that I've outlined here and having a ball in doing it. I'll keep writing here till I no longer enjoy the smug satisfaction of adding another entry, but I won't be bound by anybody else's rules (even if I love her to pieces).
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KYCM said...

You do great...your blog. Your rules and all is well. I like it just how it is and I'm not going anywhere. Thanks for all you are and have been.

Dee's Husband Joe said...

I botched this comment by AAG in moderation when I was trying to delete the 124 mails notifying me that the same asshole who's been trying to advertise his Firefox download site in my comments section had been at it again. I didn't realize that I had word verification turned off. Duh! All should be well now, I hope. Here's the comment by AAG that I must have killed off accidentally:

Oh honey, what I wrote was NOT a list of commandments!

They were simply my opinions of things that I look for when judging who I read, to whom I link, and with whom I want to be friends in bloggerville.

Not commandments! Not rules! :)

I love you bunches too, no matter what.

Love you too, A! Sorry for messing this up.

Rolan said...

Yes, Love the geometry of that pic. Such soft curves, I can only imagine what that was like to watch. I'm imagining it was slow and passionate ! Cant wait to see my honey tonight !

Anonymous said...

forget standards if you visit my blog...hehehehehe

anyway, i love your blog and how you're able to share your wife and derive so much pleasure from it... we're slowly moving that direction and already we're reaping the benefits...

keep up the great blog!

Alfie said...

Personally we wouldn't do it, couldn't do it. (Too long in the tooth for one thing.) But we're happy for you that you can and do. And we're especially glad you tell us all about it abd share your images.