Tuesday, February 06, 2007

May Weasels Shit On You!

This is solely for the jackass who'll never see it because he's running a bot, but I'll feel better posting it anyway. Today I received 130 notices via e-mail that somebody made that many attempts to post a comment here which was a spamment - a spam disguised as a blog comment. This same fuckwad's been doing this for the past two weeks, once a day, but never with a bombardment like I saw today. In checking things over I realized that when I turned comment moderation on I inadvertently turned off word verification, so this spammer's bot did nothing more than check to see when I updated here so it could send out its next attempt to post a comment to try to encourage anybody who might chance upon it to visit his Firefox download site. And all in text that was obviously translated into English by the same dipshit who translates those instructions for how to put together a gas grill from Chinese into English.

So, here's a hearty "FUCK YOU!" to the worthless bandwidth eating, time wasting bastard. Go post your spamments to somebody else's blog.


Nymph Whore Slut said...

sorry to hear about the spam attack!

but, at least you don't have religious trolls cluttering up your comment page...


AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Spammers interfering with the honest delivery of porn and wit?

Blast them!