Sunday, February 11, 2007

You Wearin' a Rubber in Spanish?

I was following some links at a few of my regular reads and discovered S Bands, a seeming mom and pop operation selling chintzy rubber bracelets like the pansy-ass yellow Lance Armstrong one that the metrosexuals like to sport, but with a decided twist. The "S" in S Bands would appear to mean "Swingers" and the bracelets are supposed to indicate swinging couples on the prowl. Based on the colors chosen for the bracelet, different preferences within the lifestyle are subtly made known.

I don't like those bracelets. Not for any cause or crusade. The primary trouble with them is that unless you're in the know within some subculture, they're meaningless. I'm not about to carry around a book that's updated daily so I can look up what your cheapo bracelet says about you or your favorite cause, and in this case I don't think anybody's going to visit the S Bands website to memorize the color codes before hitting the local swingers' bar. Frankly, an S Band is no better than an ankle bracelet worn on the right ankle of a hot wife. Its intended meaning is lost on all but a very, very small subset of persons - namely those other suckers who also coughed up five bucks for a nickel's worth of rubber. The mark-up on those things has to be tremendous and somebody's laughing all the way to the bank not unlike the CEO of a mega non-profit, only on a smaller scale.

Besides, those bracelets look like crap opposite your Rolex. Hell, they look like shit even next to a Timex.

And what's that symbol on the S Bands that looks like a poor little squid who's lost a few tentacles?

I was checking the "Came From" function at Stat Counter and found that somebody had run "Sharing Dee" through the Google web page translator. I got curious and had to see what I look like in Spanish. Now, I took French in school so the Spanish was all Greek to me, but it looked like - well, Spanish. Then I wondered how good ol' Google was at doing the translations so I pasted a paragraph from the Spanish version of "Sharing Dee" into the Google text translator and ran it back into English.

My original:

"A hard cock, in the flesh, working a hot pussy."

Came back from its Spanish translation as:

"A hard hammer, in the meat, working a hot kitten."

Yeah, it loses a little something in the translation, I'd say.

Here's the pic that grabbed me yesterday when I was going through a series of Dee with Gerry pics. When her fingers are down there like that she's cooing something like, "That's it! Fill my pussy! I want you to drain your balls in me!" while she's squeezing her lover's cock on the inside. I love it when a guy's doing all that he can in trying to hold back his orgasm but Dee turns up the heat to make it impossible. It's just a part of her charm!
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But your blog was good reading.

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The color code system is VERY VERY VERY easy, I really don't think you looked to close at it.

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