Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Zen of Waiting

As an adult online I've occasionally stumbled upon an article about prolonging the male orgasmic peak in order to increase the intensity of the pleasure experienced upon ejaculating. It's something I taught myself as a kid who had regular access to men's magazines starting at about age 15. I'd spend hours, when I had the opportunity to do so without fear of interruption, stroking my cock while going through a mag and giving myself a rub or two to every one of the pictures - even the pictures in the ads in the back for the sex hotline numbers (after they became a regular feature. My stroking days go back to before they appeared.) It was my goal at times to see if I could make it through the entire magazine, dirty letters and all, bringing myself to the edge of climax many, many times, without squirting till the very end when I could go back to the one picture that I thought was the hottest in the whole book to have before my eyes during my orgasm.

Thirty some years have whisked by and I'm still a big fan of prolonging my arousal to make my eventual climax one for the books. Only now, it's not a magazine I have in front of me when the best opportunities to make my enjoyment last present themselves. I get to watch real, live sex! A hard cock, in the flesh, working a hot pussy. A soft set of glistening labia clinging to said, throbbing member as it moves back and forth between them.

I almost always take my own turn with Dee last - after the other guys have cum at least once with her. It's not out of some latent desire to be cuckolded. It's because the longer I make my build up last while I'm watching all the amazing naked things that are going on, the more incredible my orgasm is when I finally explode into Dee.

That's me over there on the left watching

Mike's foreplay with Dee starting on our bed.

Later today I'll again have the pleasure once again of watching Mike make love with Dee. Don's on the injured list or he'd be joining us too.
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Nymph Whore Slut said...

dee is very lucky! i would love to be the proverbial "fly on the wall" in your bedroom...

Dee's Husband Joe said...

NYS, I'd love for you to be a participant rather than a fly on the wall!


KYCM said...

Can't wait to hear the recap of another wonderful evening. Hope Don is off the injured list soon and able to complete the group again. I know it's been a while for everyone to be able to be involved at once....and I know how special those times are for Dee and You. Hope it all cums together soon and that tonight may be wonderful for you three. Hugsssss my special friends!


Shasta Gibson said...

Lovely photo :)

I just stumbled across your blog today. I don't recall seeing it before but I'll be back for sure :)

I can tell already that you remind me somewhat of my husband Jack.