Wednesday, February 07, 2007

You Want to Stick That WHERE?

One of the few sexual things I'd wanted for ages but never got for the first time till relatively recently was a prostate massage. I'd been intrigued for years by descriptions of the practice at various websites, particularly when it's used to "milk" a man of his semen without ejaculation as a part of an entire orgasm denial regimen. That denial thing didn't sound the least bit appealing to this ol' chronic jacker, but I'm all for pleasure and if you tell me about something that feels good that I haven't tried yet, well, it's enough to make me obsess about it at times.

Like many of the guys in gay videos whose cocks are totally soft when they're getting fucked in the ass, my dick is rather floppy even if it's being jerked or sucked when I'm having my prostate rubbed. The internal pleasures, though, more than make up for what my cock might be lacking by way of that unique pleasure that's only available when one's pound of prized flesh is stiff and throbbing.

If you can imagine an orgasm that goes on for ten minutes straight without the particular sensation of ejaculating - that's what it sort of feels like. The only thing I can really compare a prostate massage to, but even then it's not quite the same, is Dee giving me hand jobs when we were first dating. Somehow she always managed to slow down her stroking or otherwise make an adjustment to her grip just when I was a hair's breadth away from blowing my load. After about four or five times of that I was near climbing the walls from the imminent urge to climax without being granted the expected release. Of course, when she finally did manage to bring me off I sprayed her, me, the bed, the bottom of the top bunk if we were in her dorm, and likely would have at least stunned small animals with the blast if they'd been caught in firing range. It's that way too when an orgasm eventually follows a prostate massage session - the actual gushing climax is amplified.

I'd shoved things up my ass for years on occasion, though anal play wasn't something particularly appealing to me, but I guess I never quite made the right connection at the correct angle to stimulate my prostate. Every time I tried I wondered what I was missing. I was left clueless as to why some guys raved about sticking things in their butts. Then I got my first massage by a partner who knew just where to touch me on the inside. Vive la différence! I've since designed my own toy from PVC pipe that's slender enough to fit into my ass comfortably, but of sufficient length to allow a good sized handle while at the same time making it impossible for it to disappear up inside me. Once a week or so using it in a hot bathtub, usually when I'm touching my my shave in the nether regions, is a wonderfully unique addition to my usual schedule of pleasures.

I'll spare you a picture of it sliding through my asshole, but I do encourage you to give prostate massage a whirl if you find the thought of it stimulating and haven't tried it yet.

Happy "Cockbloggingwednesday!"

My own cummy cock (for a change) smiling
as it slides out of Dee's warm pussy.

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Anonymous said...

You should try the Aneros toy...its great and orgasms do tend to be lengthened out.

Mac said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of prostate massage, Joe. I done it for years and although I don't engage in it ever time, it is a fantastic departure from a "regular" orgasm. It takes a little practice to get it right but patience is rewarded by ecstasy.

Cosmic Girl said...

Beautiful pic!

And interesting info... I'd like to give that a try soon.