Sunday, March 25, 2007

"Joe Wants to Suck You Off!"

Maybe it's the spring weather, but I've been more quiet lately, building up too many mails to which I need to reply. Though they're from strangers, I owe them candid responses because of the warm, kind tone in each of them. I've even been less inclined to write anything big here the past few days - ever since it's been warm enough to venture outside for a while without a jacket. Hopefully I'll get through the transition without clamming up too much.

Dee and I were headed to pick up some groceries yesterday morning when I remarked to her that since she and kiddo would be going out together for the evening, I should invite Mike up for a blow job. She thought it was a good idea too and told me to call Mike. I balked. I didn't want to bother him if he'd already had plans and I didn't want him to feel obligated to make the drive up if he'd rather not since Dee herself wouldn't be around. She told me to press Mike's number on her speed dial and to hand her the phone. I heard her ask something like, "How are you doing?" and "What are you doing tonight?" And then she said matter of factly, "Joe wants to suck you off." Her bluntness cracked me up, but I love that she's so free to talk like that after so many years of thinking of all sex as being pretty much useless.

I had a great evening with Mike. When he arrived we headed for pizza. It was very good, but I was more looking forward to my dessert. It would be the first time in nearly a year that I'd have a guy all to myself to pleasure and I was eager to get Mike out of his pants and into my mouth.

Mike's cock. The perfect after dinner treat!

I have to suppose that Freud was at least somewhat right with all he wrote about oral fixations because whether I'm eating a creamy pussy or sucking a hard cock I tend to lose myself in doing it. All my cares or daily worries evaporate when I'm using my lips and tongue to give sexual pleasure to another person. Though I'm "in another world" I'm very conscious of what I'm doing and try at every moment to deliver as much rich sensation as I can. I love to tease - to make my partner nearly scream with wanting more and then without warning giving it my all.

I could get really mushy in talking about how good it feels to suck the cock of a true friend, but that's not something I can do comfortably. In some respects it's still very weird to me that I not only suck cocks but that I love doing it so much. Obviously I enjoy talking about it, but only to a point because there's introspective territory in that regard that I've not even allowed myself to explore yet.

So there I was on my belly on the couch with my mouth working over Mike's cock and balls for what I'd estimate was at least a good half hour, with the sounds of porn on the TV accompanying the sounds of my own efforts and Mike's soft utterances. He took his cock from between my lips, gave it a few brisk strokes, and announced, "Here it comes!" I quickly took him back into my mouth - just in time for him to flood me with the familiar salt water taste of his ejaculate. Though he was the one who was thrusting his stiff cock between my lips and climaxing, I was feeling just as hearty a pleasure of my own, of a richly satisfying but different kind. Perhaps "triumphant" isn't quite the right word to describe what I feel when I make somebody orgasm, but it's a glorious rush just the same. I doubt that I'll ever get so much of giving head that I won't want more.

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