Sunday, March 25, 2007

Olfactory Jolt

I discovered this evening that the authoress of Life of a Demure College Student has quite a few pics of herself in her archives, and pic hound that I am, I just had to start working back through her posting history to find some luscious ones. When I found this one I had the most amazing experience. Suddenly I could smell M's pussy as clearly as the last time I pulled down her pants over 30 years ago. Every rich nuance of the scent that wafted up from her pussy whenever I took down her pants and panties was there in my head as if M was literally in front of me with her bottom bare. As I recall she had a number of panties similar in color to the ones "Ledemure" was wearing in her picture. I can't remember ever having had such an immediate and powerful olfactory memory before like I did just now. Wow! It was delicious - just like M herself was.

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