Monday, March 19, 2007

More Mike, Finally!

We didn't find out till kiddo got home from work on Saturday that she'd be putting in a few hours on Sunday and it wasn't until Sunday morning when Dee got up and realized that she felt pretty good that she suggested to me that we invite Mike up. I'd already been thinking the same thing, but was barely awake enough to get some coffee into me when Dee pitched the idea to have suggested it first. We were both excited when he accepted our invitation and the day seemed to crawl by as we awaited the time of his arrival.

As it had been with Don a few days ago, it was a lovely reunion. I particularly enjoyed watching Mike help Dee out of her clothes especially when he lavished much attention and affection on her breasts of which he's an ardent fan. It excites me when I see her big nipples stiffen as they do to a lover's touch and as if on cue they became erect with the first brush of Mike's palms against them. She toyed with his cock and balls while he kneaded her creamy tits and then sucked on each of her nipples in turn. A few minutes later Dee suggested that we move the fun from the living room to our bedroom and finished taking off her clothes to provide a visual treat for both Mike and me who love to see her ass in motion as she walks up the stairs.

The fun continued on the bed with our two lovers now fully nude. They got into a sideways sixty-nine position and I was torn between watching Dee suck Mike's cock and watching him nibble at and probe her pussy with his fingers. After a while Dee got Mike onto his back where she sucked him even more vigorously. When I joined in the sucking Dee cautioned me to take it easy because she didn't want him to cum before he could fuck her and she moved up to kiss him while I sucked his cock lightly and teasingly rather than with my usual full force gusto.

Mike's about to enter Dee for the first time in over a
month and his cock is standing tall as he awaits
the feeling of her pussy enveloping him.

Enflamed with passion by their kisses Dee pushed me away gently as she mounted her lover and guided his still cock to her warm center. Snuggling the tip of his eager cock to her moist opening Dee gave a nudge of her hips and her pussy swallowed him whole. I heard Mike exclaim the pleasure he was feeling in my wife's sweet hole as the warmth of her body surrounded his swollen flesh and caressed the circumference of his shaft. Dee raised herself into a sitting position and she and Mike locked their fingers together as she moved her soft bottom around and although I could see her ass cheeks pressed firmly against Mike's balls not a millimeter of his cock could be seen because he was entirely inside her.

Dee couldn't maintain the position very long so when she dismounted she was on her back in a flash with her legs high and wide apart, eager to get her lover's stiff cock back into her pussy. Mike paused to give her slit a few wet licks and then positioned himself between her legs for his reentry. Now the fucking began in earnest when he slipped effortlessly into Dee and leaned over her to begin driving his cock in and out. As I've so often seen her do, Dee lifted her heels onto Mike's shoulders to allow his cock to slide even deeper into her cunt and it wasn't long after that when the first of her big orgasms hit. As Dee came down off her climactic high I heard her urging Mike to squirt in her pussy, telling him to fuck her good and to fill her up with his hot cum. Mike kept on pumping Dee's greedy hole and I saw her climax on his dick a few more times. I was surprised because Mike doesn't usually last long when he gets his cock into Dee for the first time during an evening's play, but he was fucking away and making her orgasm repeatedly while building toward his own climax. I heard Dee again coaxing her lover to spray up inside her and soon after that I heard Mike groan his pleasure and I knew that as he was gushing into Dee she was tightening up the walls of her pussy around him to make the pleasurable spasms in his cock even more intense. I photographed the action giving my usual thumbs up signal so I'd know when going through the pictures at exactly what moment my honey's magnificent hole was milking her lover's cock of every last drop of cum that she could drain from him.

My thumb's up to indicate that Mike's ejaculating into Dee
at the precise second that I'm snapping the picture.

When Mike finished cumming and laid back I gave Dee and him a few minutes to hug each other close and kiss before asking Dee to lie back and open her legs for me to dine on her just fucked bottom. The mixture of her juices and Mike's cum was exquisite and while Mike kneaded Dee's milky white tits and kissed her some more I brought her to climax a number of times with my tongue. When she'd had enough and her clitoris got too sensitive for me to continue she gently pushed my head away. In a flash I had Mike's cock deep in my throat. He either hadn't gone fully soft or had stiffened back up already, but that's typical for him. I sucked Mike's dick with relish for a while and then Dee moved down and took his cock from my mouth into hers. She worked his cock with her lips and tongue for a good while and then offered him back to me. I spied the bottle of lube on the night stand, though, and had another idea. I flipped open the lid and coated Mike's cock and balls generously with the slick stuff, and then proceeded to give him a vigorously brisk hand job.

The more Mike squirmed and moaned the more eager I was to finish what I'd started. I could have taken him back into my mouth or asked Dee if she wanted another fuck, but I was a man possessed once I started jerking him off and I was hell bent on seeing him through his creamy ending. I know now, more than ever, that I'd really love to have that jack off buddy I often express a desire here to have. I'd brought other guys to climax on occasion with my hands, but it had been so long that doing Mike to orgasm was almost a new treat to me and it renewed my desire to be able to tend to a guy's pleasure like that more often. I made Mike "fountain" - keep on squirting over the course of minutes rather than seconds. As Dee alternated between putting her hard nipples and soft lips to his mouth I kept on stroking Mike's cock till he didn't seem to have another drop to offer up.

I was treated then to a good cock sucking by Dee while Mike caressed me in that little spot right behind my balls where I love to be massaged. When Dee got my cock good and hard she moved her mouth down to my nuts and got me even harder. I didn't last long when I finally got my throbbing dick into her pussy where I filled her with my own thick sauce and emptied myself most pleasurably. I'd barely slid out of Dee's hot bottom when Mike announced his desire to eat her out. It was my turn to kiss my wife and feel up her gorgeous boobs while our friend licked her pussy still oozing my hot cream. I didn't realize till later that he was finger fucking her ass while he ate her through a number of orgasms. I offered Dee a go with Mr. V. - her big vibrator - after she pushed Mike's face away from her sopping slit and finished twitching from the last climax he'd given her, and after coming down from her orgasmic high she said, "Yes!" Mike's finger was still working Dee's ass when she had a most amazing climax from the vibrator. He remarked later on how exciting it was to see her whole ass heave off the bed when she came with the big toy buzzing around her clit.

I got dressed quickly and hurried downstairs to start the pictures downloading from the media card and to get supper going for the three of us. We enjoyed a leisurely meal together, each of us glowing with those warm just fucked feelings that we so often wallow in after a good play session together. After dessert we yakked away till kiddo called for a ride home. Dee went to pick her up as I walked Mike out to his truck. Another fun time had come and gone and we were all three the richer for it.

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Sheen V said...

That was such an incredible story! Thank you for sharing it as it has made me very warm and erect. If I ever get the opportunity, I would surely love to get one of your handjobs - you certainly know how to do them!

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading Your adventure....All I can say is wow!


Willy said...

Wow from me too....your descriptive powers are amazing Joe...I can still feel the sexual tension...oh my!!