Sunday, March 18, 2007

It's Almost "Legging" Season!

A bit of breaking news before launching into the main post du jour. It appears that both Mike and we will be free late this afternoon and we'll have the house to ourselves - a perfect opportunity for Mike to make love with Dee again!

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I took the snap which follows this paragraph a few summers ago when I was out "legging" (My quick one word description of my habit of going out in public specifically to enjoy looking at women's bare legs.) one morning. I don't have a particular penchant for legs, but bare lady flesh is bare lady flesh and I enjoy it all just the same. When the weather turns warm and the legs are showing I'm keenly watching sometimes with trusty camera fitted with an auxiliary zoom lens in hand to capture the naked thigh to ankle delights. There's something deliciously naughty about looking at women casually but with a decidedly sexual eye the way I do because I can't imagine that most of the ladies I'm eyeballing are the leat bit cognizant of the fact that somebody's checking them out and liking what he sees. I think they're wearing shorts for the same reason I am - 'cause it's warm outside.

I doubt that as this lady walked across the parking lot and into the view of my lens she was thinking about some strange guy considering her charms as a potential sex partner - thinking about how big her areolas and nipples might be - about the size of her clitoris when it's fully erect - about the scent, taste, and feel of her pussy - considering how skilled she might be at giving head and if she could take my cock balls deep into her mouth - wondering if she's a whimperer or a moaner when she's climaxing - thinking all of the things, and then some, that a sixteen year old boy might be thinking about a female classmate. She was probably heading for that store with only shopping on her mind while I sat there in the car undressing her in my mind's eye and mentally nipple sucking and finger fucking her a cheery, "Hello, and what's your name?"

Ironically, I'm writing about loving ladies in shorts with a foot of new snow in my back yard and a current temperature of 28° F in the sun, but this is a cruel fluke of nature. Soon the legs will be out and I'll be in my glory! Now if only there were a way to communicate, "I think you're hot looking," to the many women who'd think I'm off my rocker if somebody suggested it to them because they've reached a point in life where they don't think it's possible for them to be a turn-on to the average Joe. I know the world would be a lot happier all around if ladies knew how often they're eyeballed when all they think they're doing is some innocent shopping.

Now wouldn't it be cool if the husband of the lady in today's pic chanced upon it, recognized her, and called her over to the computer to say, "Look! I told you you're fuckin' hot looking!"

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While you're making the blog rounds today, do yourself a favor and check out this post at Dirty Couple in Virginia's place. I nearly split a side from laughing.

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Mac said...

Oh, you do that also, hah, Joe? Thought I was the only one. LOL