Monday, March 26, 2007

When It All Comes Down To Your Asshole

I read Anna Nicole Smith's autopsy report after work today simply because there was a link to it on CNN's website along with a warning that it "contains graphic content." The following sentence seemed sad in its stark frankness: "The anus is unremarkable." I suppose I wouldn't want it written that any part of my body is unremarkable. Though many parts are, it's just kind of depressing to think that something like that might be the last thing anybody ever writes about them. As for my asshole in particular, I think I'd rather, "The anus was well used and obviously served as a source of frequent sexual pleasure to his friends," than some sterile, generic comment about its being nondescript.

How would you like your asshole to be remembered?

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Mac said...

Joe, I think everything about you, that I know, is remarkable. Not the least of which is that you are married to the hottest lady I can imagine. Yes, I agree, my asshole is very REmarkable to me. Mac

Willy said...

How do I want my asshole remembered? long as they don't write on my tombstone " He was a perfect asshole" instead of " His was a perfect asshoe", I'll be happy.