Saturday, April 21, 2007


I'm very wishy-washy when it comes to enjoying things online in that I vacillate frequently between my various interests, tending to be all-or-nothing with them as I am with my off line diversions as well. Lately, I've been downloading lots of video clips - the kind that try to entice you to sign up for yet another pay site. While they're entertaining enough in their ten or fifteen seconds of trying to tease your credit card out of your wallet, they're like clams; you need to digest a lot of them before you feel comfortably satisfied.

What I do in producing our own online offerings often tends to mirror what I'm enjoying of others' erotic visuals, thus I've been going through some of our old 8mm tapes to see if there's anything worth showing off by way of Dee in motion. There is, but it's rather tedious to set up the Dazzle and to work my way through a tape to find worthy footage that doesn't show too much face, and there aren't too many places here on the 'net where one can showcase one's video endeavors. Mailing out such clips to the rabble would get awfully onerous quickly, but they don't seem to get it and clamor for just that when I toss a few crumbs into a public forum.

But, I digress, and it's a good thing because most of my recent writings have been these tangential excursions away from where I intended to get when I first started typing...

Captured from a video of Dee workin' her jelly dildo.

I was watching last night for a while, when I had the house to myself, an old video of Dee working her pussy with a clear, jelly dildo. I remembered as I viewed the footage of that hefty toy slipping and sliding deep into her hole and out again how I used to watch Dee poke at herself at my request with it or one of its cousins from the toy drawer on occasion. Whenever I'd ask Dee to dildo herself for me to watch it was always with one thought in mind - for me to fantasize about that fake cock being Richie's or some stranger's genuine article. I'd see the toy go into Dee dry and emerge on its first withdrawal coated generously with her pussy juice, and I'd envision somebody's dick looking like that, stiff and veiny and all covered with Dee's cream, ready to thrust back into her. Never did I think when I was making that tape that the dream could ever come true, yet here I am living its fulfillment not as a lucky one-time occurrence, but as a total lifestyle.

How I longed to see a real cock moving like this in
Dee's hole, and now I have - hundreds of times!

Dee still enjoys a good dildoing now and then. I like to drill her with a thick toy here at home sometimes when she's particularly insatiable, and on occasion we even take a bag 'o toys on the road to the motel with us for one of the other guys to use on her as part of an evening's play. Now, though, when I see one of those rubbery dicks sloshing through her labia I'm not watching through the eyes of an impossible fantasy. I'm see it as a reminder of just how damned lucky I am to have a wife who enjoys sexual pleasure just as much as I do. I think that's every married guy's dream. I'm so glad to be living mine!

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D said...

I, for one, would love to suck all her juices off that dildo. Am I so bad? Mac