Thursday, April 19, 2007

It's One of Those Days

When I shared Dee that first time with Don nearly five years ago, I truly had no expectations beyond that evening except to hope that the experience wouldn't strain our marriage in any way. In spite of having cum gallons over the fantasy, I had no gut feeling as to how I'd feel after all was said and done - after another man's cock had penetrated my wife; neither did I have any clear indication of how Dee would feel about having done "it" with somebody other than me since we put our wedding bands onto each other's fingers. I'd hoped it would be good, for both of us, but I didn't think of the future at all in terms of possibly doing it again once the fantasy had been fulfilled.

In a few hours Dee will make love with Mike for the 110th time. She's done so with Don almost 140 times now. Though we've played in varying degrees and in most pleasurable ways with over 20 other men, it all comes back to these two in terms of the fulfillment which Dee and I both feel in sharing her with them. After all this time, it truly is more than just the great sex that we share. It's a bond that goes beyond friendship. It's a relationship for which there is no name - something so good that I don't know how we survived for so long without it, before it came to be.

Maybe it's the unusual kind and degree of freedom
that we feel in being so open with our sexuality that's
refreshing and energizing to us in many ways.

I can't imagine us ever going back to being "just" a regular married couple. We've both come to feel unique, new, wonderful emotions through all of this, and we've deepend old ones to depths we'd not have imagined possible in terms of what we feel for each other. I go through life buoyed by these feelings every day. I enjoy so much richness of the heart because of them. Sharing Dee is like the BASF of life - it doesn't make life - it makes life better.

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D said...

And it is a beautiful thing that all of you share! Mac