Thursday, April 12, 2007

Looking Forward to the Evening's Fun

In just about 12 hours Dee and Don should be starting their foreplay to begin another evening of orgasmic bliss, and although I've seen them do it all together, over 130 times, my cock will swell up and start to throb before the last item of Dee's clothing hits the floor. There is nothing as intense, in my entire life's worth of experiences, as watching Dee make love with another man, especially when it's somebody with whom she shares emotion as well as her sweet body, as she does so beautifully with Don.

It makes no sense to me that Dee's able to cum as hard as she does from being fucked in the ass. For starters, Don usually enters her there using only the pussy juice coating his cock (He usually starts doggie style in her pussy and then moves to her asshole.) and a little saliva, and when he enters her he goes all the way in without having to pause for her to adjust to his girth. That alone amazes me. Her climaxes all seem to blend together when he's pumping his cock between her buns; either that or she's just having one, huge, long orgasm with peaks and troughs. Most fascinating, probably, are the sounds that she makes from her overt, verbal pleas for Don to fill her ass with his cum to wordless sounds of sexual joy varying in intensity. For the first time ever, the last time Don did Dee's ass, she let out a long groan that would have been heard by the occupants of the adjoining rooms if there were any. (I don't think the rooms were occupied, though; I didn't hear any applause after Dee groaned.)

Don working his usual magic in Dee's tight ass.
I can never tell who's enjoying it more.

When I was a kid, I hated fish in any form, particularly the gruesome mess my grandma used to make with chunks of bloody looking tomato baked alongside the fillets. I love fish these days. I think it's cool that my taste for it changed through the years. And so it is with Dee's love of sex. I was going through some of our old (c. early 90's) video tapes recently and the differences in Dee in bed are just amazing. Her former Can't we hurry and get this over with? look from the days when at best she tolerated sex has been replaced by a big eyed, We still have time for me to cum again, right? look of joyful glee. I thrive on that - her love of orgasms - and I can't wait to see her toes curl again and again today as Don puts his cock through its familiar paces with her, the whole time grinning adoringly at her. And I can't wait to see the look she reserves for me - for when I'm inside her after another man - it says so beautifully about a whole evening with one of her lovers, "Thank you for this. I love you so much for this."

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Blissfully Wed said...

Sexy as hell, as always.



Alfie said...

OMG That video loop is the most exciting thing I've seen in weeks!