Sunday, April 15, 2007

"Marking" Time

One of the cool things about my/our friendship with Mark, a very close friend from college, is that for the past nearly 30 years we've gone through periods of not calling or getting together for months at a clip, but then we pick up right where we left off when we do. After another such recent hiatus he and I talked the other day. He said he'd gotten the electronic Easter card that Dee sent out to family and friends. I chuckled, "Oh, the clean one?" He quipped back, "Yeah! What's up with that?"

I told him that I'd stopped sending him nudie and action pics of Dee because his reply habits are so bad that I'm never sure if he even looks at the mails I send. He assured me that he does in a tone that said that he wants more. I was happy to oblige and sent him a few choice shots from Dee's date with Don this past week with the mail subject, "Your turn!" It was Mark who watched Dee make love with Mike when he called my cell one evening when he was driving past our usual motel on his way home. He knew where we'd be and what we'd be doing, so his call wasn't just to say, "Hi." We seem to have now a tacit understanding that Mark is going to bed Dee himself one of these days; we just haven't gotten around to picking a day, I think for the most part because it's not easy to jive our schedules and he's usually very busy with a number of things related to his job.

It was Mark who cautioned me not to go sniffing after Dee when she arrived at college sporting an engagement ring. I've always believed that if it hadn't been for that ring that Mark would have tried cozying up to Dee himself. I paid the ring no heed when she caught my eye and snagged a little of my heart too. If he takes Dee to bed, it'll be like coming full circle in some sense for a nostalgic return to when we were college kids - except this time we'll have all our clothes off.

Mark and I sat in the room watching Dee ride Mike just like this.

Mark knows that Dee's played with a good number of guys and if he wants to wear a condom when he's ready to enter her we'll certainly respect his choice. I hope, though, that he won't want to because I'd really love for him to feel everything that Dee's delicious pussy can offer him by way of amazing pleasures, and I'd really like for both of them to feel the emotional connection that only bareback sex, as I see it, can provide. (No. I don't intend to argue this opinion with anybody.) Of all my "real life" friends, there isn't one whom I'd rather have make love with Dee than Mark, and I know Dee feels the same way. He gave her a passionate goodbye kiss the last time he visited, and if we hadn't had other company I think all of this talk of them doing it, at least for the first time, would have been written in the past tense.

I suppose now I'll be obsessing about this for a while. That's okay. It's something I really want and if my thinking about it a lot gets us all in gear to committing to a time and place for Dee and Mark to do it, that's a good thing.

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D said...

Here's hoping your wish will come true.

deeslittlemike said...

Mmmmm, you have me thinking about this now as well Joe. You know how much it excites me and Little Mike to see Dee with someone else!

I hope I get the chance to witness this wonderful event. Mark has already seen me and Dee together. LOL