Monday, April 16, 2007

Snow in April, but Warm in Bed

(This post has nothing to do with snow except for me to
note that it's pouring the white shit as I type this entry.)

Dee and I had an event to attend last night so we had our usual Sunday fun early in the morning instead of in the evening. I love a good morning fuck, especially when I get to sit in church or at work an hour or so later with that look on my face like I just got some and glance around to see if anybody else seems to be wearing the same grin. We did it doggie style which typically requires that after a while I switch over into the missionary position because of my bad knees, but they held out and I got to pump Dee's pussy full of cum with that gorgeous view before my eyes of her bare back and ass that Don enjoys when he's fucking her ass.

Dee at age 20 waiting for me to slip it to her from behind.

As I was driving my cock in and out of Dee's warm hole yesterday morning I had a flashback to the first year we were married. I gotten a call as I was about to leave for work to tell me that because of bad weather I could come in late. Dee didn't have class till later anyway so we decided to take advantage of the extra time to get in a good screwing. I remember taking off my pants and briefs and fucking Dee doggie style at the edge of the bed still in my shirt and tie, holding the tie out of the way so it wouldn't obscure the view of my dick moving through her labia and glistening with juice. There are some fucks you just remember. That's one of mine and it was nice to revisit the memory right as I was more or less reliving it.

Sex with Dee is even better now than it was when we
were kids because she's just so damned HOT now in
a way that she couldn't have been back in the early 80s.

It was a good week to start by tooling down memory lane - I have two major sexual anniversaries coming up this week which I'll reminisce about in turn over the next couple of days. It would be cool if Dee could do Mark (See yesterday's post.) this week to score yet another milestone in the same week, but I don't think we'll have the opportunity. Oh well - at least I'll have something to fantasize about for a while.

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Blissfully Wed said...

Nice memory (and pics). Thanks for sharing.


NYNuttyGuy said...

Great post. It is nice to see such a joyful post.

D said...

As beautiful an ass as exists on this planet. I never tire of looking at Dee's fantastic ass. Mac