Friday, April 06, 2007

Of Course He Does!

Most of the lengthier, more candid and personal e-mails that come my way aren't from visitors here but from guys who enjoy our posts to the newsgroups. The 'groups are hardly known to folks who got on the 'net after the web really took off but that's kind of a good thing for us old timers who find our best amateur smut among usenet's offerings. The experienced fisher for pics of real amateur women who show off simply for the love of being seen can spot the fun ladies from the spammers a mile away and end up with a boatload of hot photos in no time. And somebody with a hankering for showing off a bunch of pics of his wife nude or entertaining a lover to an appreciative audience, and who has some experience with usenet, knows that the gents who visit the 'groups are much more likely to interact on a deeper level with the husbands and wives who post personal pictures than the guys who only get their jollies on the web.

Surprisingly, there are as many guys who write to share their own stories with me as there are who'd like to know more about our wife sharing. And there are questions. Almost always, questions. The most numerous are about how we got started in sharing, and to ask how one might go about being invited to share a bed with Dee. But there's another that surfaces quite often whenever I post a series of Dee making love with somebody, and it reads something like, "Does he give her something that you can't?" If I couldn't answer a resounding, "Yes!" to that, sharing Dee would be pointless, I think.

Dee herself compares her enjoyment of our extramarital experiences to eating a variety of good foods in that sometimes the enjoyment comes from the uniqueness itself rather than from what's on the plate, per se. While that explains it quickly, there's really so much more about it all. It's not only that a particular man goes about making love with her in his own special way to give her the sensations that are particular to him - to his fingers, tongue, cock and his abilities with all of them. Every experience is satisfying to Dee and to me in its own way at a particular place and time, and no two sessions of her love making, even with the same man, are ever quite the same.

There are times when what Dee does on a bed with a man is terrifically entertaining. Pleasures abound. She cums. He cums. She keeps on cumming. Maybe he cums again. She keeps on cumming some more. Even when it's only about the sex, it's fun. But, then there are those times when everything just plays out so remarkably that I'm awestruck in witnessing the profundity of it all. The pictures I take at a time like that are the ones I return to again and again when I masturbate. In seeing the photos it's as if I'm there all over again, in the same room I was in when I took them, feeling the same glorious cacophony of raw and rich emotions that I felt when I saw that particular man, on that particular occasion giving my wife something that only he can give to her.

Here's one of my favorite pictures of all time, from June of 2003. Although Dee made love with Michael only that one time, the afternoon we spent with him was one I'll never forget, and I look at the pictures I took of them together that day very often. While their eager and passionate desire for each other was already evident even in in their very first clothed kiss, their foreplay was exquisite and seemed to go on forever. Their kisses grew deeper and longer as they rolled about on the bed using their fingers, lips, and tongues to stimulate all of the other's fun parts and places, coming back together often just to kiss and to hold each other close, and then to launch into yet more delicious forms of pleasure giving by way of building toward their ultimate, intimate union.

I have another picture of Dee and Michael kissing, immediately before she laid back and opened her legs for him to enter her for the first time. It's the only non-penetrative picture I've taken, out of over 100,000 shots, to which I return time and time again to have it on my screen when I stroke myself to orgasm. I can see their mutually feverish desire in it. There were no words exchanged, yet when they broke that kiss they both knew that it was time for Michael to be inside her. Dee rolled back, kicked up her heels to receive him into her body, and reached down as he moved over her to guide Michael's hard cock to her opening - right where they both needed him to be. I knew in both that kiss and then in Dee's body language when Michael moved his hips to push the full length of his thick cock into her warm pussy that indeed he was giving her something I'd never given to her. I could see it in her eyes - in every muscle of her body as Michael started to move within her and she responded to him, that she was feeling new, wonderful things. I was glad that she was experiencing something magnificently unique and savoring the sensations of Michael's cock driving into her.

Dee and Michael fucked in a variety of positions. He made her cum intensely over and over again before he came in her the first time. She made sounds that she'd never made before, nor since, especially when he got hard again later and really hammered her pussy fast and deep while working toward another climax inside her. In the way she sucked his cock back to full erection after his first orgasm it was almost as if she was worshiping it the way she looked at it - really looked at it and studied its texture as she moved it in and out of her mouth and ran her tongue up and down its length - and in the way she looked up adoringly into his eyes with her mouth full of his meat, readying him to take her again. Oh yes, there were things she felt that day that I won't give her if we live to celebrate our 100th anniversary together. They're simply among the gifts with which Michael is blessed.

Clockwise from upper left. 1) Dee's little fingers guide Michael's thick cock to
the dimple of her opening. 2) Michael puts his glans into Dee and pauses
to let her adjust to his girth. 3) Michael's cock is completely surrounded by
Dee's warm, wet walls when he pushes himself all the way into her. 4) A drop
of semen escapes as Michael ejaculates into Dee's soft pussy.

To be successful in sharing, a husband has to be able to acknowledge that he's not the be all and end all of his wife's pleasure, and he has to want her to have and to enjoy those things that other men can provide to her without feeling less for it. It's really no different than having somebody prepare a meal for her that you can't cook yourself and delighting in her enjoyment of it. Vive la différence!

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D said...

Well, Joe, it's your realization and acceptance that other men can indeed give Dee their own unique pleasure that makes your relationship so wonderful. You revel in knowing that she is receiving pleasure that is new and different and that's where your satisfaction is derived. To be able to love a woman enough to give her this is truly amazing. And I know Dee loves you more for allowing her to have this pleasure. Mac

Alfie said...

You make your case as eloquently as ever - I especially like the metaphore of the meal cooked by another man for your wife's enjoyment. It's your enthusiasm - and Dee's of course - that makes your blog such a delight to read and view.

Lapis Ruber said...

Above all you must be supremely confident in the strength of your relationship and love for each other. Otherwise how could you risk losing her to another, if she were once to decide that (to use your metaphor) she no longer wanted you to cook for her at all?