Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thousands of Things

It's one of those days on which I want to say about a thousand things about Dee, but nothing in particular. I could ramble on here for paragraphs and really not say much of anything that you've not read before if you visit regularly. Sometimes, like today, I'm just overwhelmed by it all - by having a wife like Dee who's so remarkably comfortable with her sexuality - who lets me show her body off to the world however I see fit - who shamelessly takes a man's cock, makes it hard, and then drains ever last drop of cum out of it right in front of me, and who loves doing it all as much as she knows I enjoy watching her do it.

It's no secret that I love sex and everything about it as much as I love life itself. I make it very clear here just about daily that Dee tends to my sexual needs and wants so perfectly, but it's all such a very small part of how wonderful she is to me in millions of ways that have nothing to do with sex. Yeah, there's one day a month or so when we might want to kill each other over something really stupid, but on most days I'd hold our love for each other up as a model of what marriage should be and our simple but adequate lot in life together as something a lot of folks with vast riches might trade their wealth to have. It's all about love, really. Everything.

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MikeCindynJoe said...

You nailed it again, Joe!

I call it, "No Secrets"

I believe where we are (you and Dee, Cindy and me, and others like us) is a place... a state of being... one with such a degree of trust, there can remain NO SECRETS. When a couple (or more) can trust to THAT level of openess, trust and vulnerability, the odds favor its success.

You're dead on, as usual! ^5

Thanks. :-)

Mac said...

That's wonderful, Joe