Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Dripping Her Desire

Although I have a love/hate relationship with the Wife Lovers website I usually visit there most mornings over my coffee just to get a few glimpses of some naked MILF flesh to start the day out right. By 6:20 or so when I typically drop by, there are a number of visual treats to be enjoyed and enjoy them I do even if I don't have the opportunity to do so orgasmically. I'm grateful that there are so many guys and ladies making their pictures available free for the gawking though I'll always keep wishing for a friendlier, less restrictive environment that's without its paid members side. (Please, no recommendations. At least W.L. doesn't have tons of horrendous pop-ups and other advertising shit cakes like Show Me Your Wife does, and it does have a substantial viewer base.) While I showcase some of Dee's pictures at Wife Lovers from time to time, I do so with no regularity. When some of our pics catch my eye, or when I have enough G-rated shots from one of our play dates I like to post a few. And on the days when I have nothing substantial to offer, I do like grubbing what others are showing off.

On occasion I can even count on W.L. to provide some brain fodder when I don't have anything in particular to write about here but feel like writing anyway. Today was such a day when "your wife on cam join in" took me back to a time or two when Dee got nude right here in this very spot where I'm sitting as I key this to play with herself for Gerry who was on the other end of the live camera in NYC. As I usually do when something makes me remember a particular time when Dee had her clothes off and I had taken pictures, I looked up the picture sets and found an absolute gem of a snapshot that made me want to whip off my pants and beat my meat right then and there. While Gerry had the front view of Dee's slit dripping with her desire to be with him, the Kodak got only the side view of her cunt leaking while she displayed herself with raw abandon for her lover (He'd already made love with Dee when we cammed with him.) as he played with his dick for her and they typed dirty little things back and forth. Here's that shot of Dee's puffy pussy and its juicy snail trail. Ain't it pretty?

Since my hard drive fried a few Christmases ago and I replaced it, I never reinstalled the webcam software and at this point I have no idea what became of it. Thus our camming days for now are all in the past. Maybe some day I'll pop in a new cam and see if Dee feels like showing off for and interacting with a few hearty strokers who'd like to give up their goo for her in real time. Till then, though, I'll keep counting my lucky stars that I get to see as much of her with her clothes off as I do while she's doing all of those amazing things that make my dirtiest dreams come true all the time.

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hubby_m said...

You are a lucky man. Dee is absolutely delicious.