Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ending May with a Don Night

It might seem curious, this love of mine for watching Dee making love with another man while I do little more than take pictures of them and stroke my cock lightly for an hour or better while I wait for him to climax before taking my own turn with my wife, but I get a rush unlike any other from it. Dee's so alive when she's naked with a man, sucking his cock, urging him into her belly, imploring him to fuck her - to cum inside her. It's not that what she does is at all significantly different than what she does when it's just the two of us making love at home. It's that somehow watching Dee do it moves me as much as it does precisely because I'm able to stand back and watch it all happening more objectively than when it's my own cock having fun with her.

There was a year when we saw Mike and Don together more often than separately, but now we usually see one or the other on a typical date night. Though I miss the excitement on occasion of seeing Dee tend to multiple cocks at once, our times with each of the guys are more special now. Because our relationship to each of them is unique, the anticipatory emotions are likewise distinct but equally exciting no matter whose turn it is to be spoiled by Dee. In a few hours we'll be heading up to the motel to meet with Don for another evening of the best of life's pleasures and I'm already precumming generously in my pants as I look forward to watching Dee and him together.

You'd think by now that the excitement might have waned just a little, but it hasn't. I'm as eager to see them knocking themselves out to pleasure each other tonight as I was that first time we met Don and he indoctrinated us into this wonderful world of extramarital bliss. Maybe even more because I know now for certain, unlike when we drove up to meet him that first time, just how good it's all going to be!

I love how Dee typically seats Don it the chair beside the motel
room door and then scrambles to get him naked as fast as she can.

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D said...

I'm just as excited about reading about it as I was when I first found you and Dee. My excitemant hasn't decreased one bit. In fact it grows with every date night I hear about. Mac

Blissfully Wed said...

I can imagine that anyone who is embraced and loved on by Dee is a very lucky man indeed.

Thanks as always for sharing.