Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Dick Needs a Fix

For some reason my cock seems to have awakened this morning thinking it was the day of our usual weekly date night, but it's not. That's not till tomorrow. Tell that to my dick, though. All day it's been tingling down there as if it knows something that I don't. Dee and I plan to do it tonight 'cause we gave each other a mutual rain check last night and watched HOUSE instead of doing our usual Tuesday bedroom routine, but my cock seems to think that it's going to the circus and has been making me want to whip it out and give it some brisk strokes all damned day.

That's part of the addictive nature of sharing Dee. My own orgasms are wilder after I've spent about an hour watching go nuts with another guy's dick. It's an amazing high and I want some right now!

It wants something warm to cum in. NOW!

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D said...

Well, Joe, that should make tonight's fun with Dee all the better. Make her cum and cum and cum. Mac

this girl said...

a hand pic, a hand pic...doing the happy dance!


AlwaysArousedGirl said...

I'd love to volunteer, but I'm a little too far away. :)

Alfie said...

There's a feeling we all know well, and we only get to see the photos.

Cheri said... there is one Yummy inviting...he's talking to me and my mouth is watering!! XOXO