Thursday, May 17, 2007

Second Blogiversary

Today marks the second anniversary of the day on which I started writing "Sharing Dee" and after 600 some entries I'm still very much enjoying this writing about the varied pleasures in which Dee and I indulge. Though at the outset I'd hoped that in writing I'd come to better understand my own motivation and love of sharing Dee's sexuality with other men, I rather quickly realized that I would never accomplish that. I'm as clueless in those regards as I was back in '05 when I first took up the pen here, but that's all right; I've abandoned the want or need that I had to figure it all out. "Sharing Dee" continues to exists because I still feel a deep desire to shout from the rooftops about the things we do and the immense joy they brings us, and in some part to encourage others who dream about doing them too to work toward fulfilling their fantasies.

If I wrote here for the accolades or attaboys, I'd long ago have abandoned this effort. I do enjoy whatever positive feedback comes my way, and I thank all of you who toss me a cookie from time to time, but I've learned over these two years simply to accept the quiet roll of the statistics counters as the most regular form of appreciation that I can expect. With 900 - 1,000 visitors on a typical day, I know I'm being read, and really, when that's one of your basic reasons for writing, you can't be disappointed when folks come by to take whatever you give them.

One of the most gratifying lines I've read by way of comment about this effort came a few weeks ago at the Your Hotwives Forum in which somebody wrote, "One of the grand-daddy blogs on the hotwife subject is Sharing Dee." I like that recognition of being established as a writer on the subject. Whether you think I'm good, bad, or ugly, it should be obvious that I'm real - a real hot wife husband who's as much in love with "hotwifing" as I am with Dee herself. And that's what I really wish for here - to be taken seriously by anybody who enjoys reading about the things I write about.

Writing here remains exciting to me most days, especially when I anticipate or write an account about an evening with one of Dee's lovers. I like putting what we do into words because, as with looking at the pictures I take, it allows me to relive some of the very same emotions I was feeling in the actual moments I describe. I like the powerful excitement that grips me though I know that my efforts at communicating that and making my readers feel it too are hit or miss.

Thank you for visiting. And if you've been here before, many thanks for coming back!

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deeslittlemike said...

Congrats Joe! On your second year of blogging. Of course I like the picture the most, mmmmm Dee's panties.

That looks black snowflakes to me that means it was fresh this morning for they were the color of the day! LOL


Blissfully Wed said...

It's always our pleasure to stop in and lust at your beautiful wife.


MikeCindynJoe said...

I am pleased and priveleged be the first to congratulate you on your milestone.

Years ago, you came to my attention through "The Wetlands" and other random feeds, and ultimately through "Sharing Dee". As I've said many times publicly and privately and I'll say it again, your's was the blog I most admired and was inspired by. "Shared Cindy" is a direct result of "Sharing Dee".

If imitation is the highest form of flattery, please consider yourself flattered, although I choose not to imitate, instead aspire to emulate and be inspired. I fall far short of the mark in the frequency of postings and the inclusions of hot pictures as you do, but yours was the sole reason for me to begin my blogging experience. Thank you.

Please don't stop. Please continue to post the hottest, yet most secure perspective of a husband's accounting of hot wifeing on the internet.

Dude, you two ROCK! Congratulations!


vsk witness said...

Your blog is definitely insprirational in its honesty and content. Thanks.

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

Congratulations, sugar. Two years is quite an accomplishment.

I wish you many many more.

mia said...

I've been reading for over a year, and I must say that you are a huge inspiration for my husband and I. The way you talk about sharing your wife with lovers is so satisfying, yet I always want to read more. You are both beautiful people; congratulations on two years!

Alfie said...

Happy anniversary. I love your blog and I'm beginning (almost) to understand it. I suppose it's just that happy-to-be-together bloggers share our wives in different ways. Keep up the good work and stay happy.

Fat Controller said...

Congratulations on this milestone! There is no way I'm ever going to experience half ogf what you describe here, so thank you for sharing both Dee and yoursels.
Continued happiness to both of you and your friends.

D said...

Well, Joe, I think you know how much I've throrougly enjoyed "Sharing Dee" since I first discovered it. Yours and perhaps one or two more are all I read these days and "Sharing Dee" is the only one I never miss. Congratulations and best wishes to you and Dee. Mac