Sunday, May 20, 2007

In Need of Some Tea for Three

So much "real life" has gone on recently, and is still going on, that my head's been spinning a bit here and as a result I haven't been able to clear it nor to come up with enough time to write a decent post in a few days. It'll be about two weeks till some things slow down while others might be ongoing and varying in the degree of my attention that they'll require.

What I really need right about now is a motel date with Dee and one of the guys. Although when things are spinning around me like in that tornado that gave Dorothy the concussion that led her to Oz the thought of having to drive up to the motel can seem like just another thing that's adding to my stress, once we're behind that door and I see my wife's clothes start to come off a huge wave of relaxation washes over and through me. Our motel date nights are like forced mini-vacations during which the world slows down to a more comfortable pace, and that slow build-up toward one of those amazing orgasms I always have after I've watched Dee tend to another man's cock for about an hour or so can be just what the doctor ordered. Then again, taking a big hard dick into my own mouth can be just as relieving of stress for me because there's nothing quite like sucking cock to remind me that the worries and concerns of one moment are often transient and that there's more about me than the serious things with which I must concern myself.

Watching my wife urge her lover to let loose a hearty spray of cum
into her warm pussy is even more relaxing than a cup of hot tea!

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Anonymous said...

Dare I say that the next cup of tea should include a lovely pic of Dee "teabagging" her lover?
Sorry couldn't resist it.

Always enjoy reading about the energy and love that you two share with others.

Willy said...

At the risk of seeming totally naive, what is "teabagging". I've heard of using wet teabags on one's forehead to reduce a migraine, but I'm sure thats not what DD meant.

Dee's Husband Joe said...

Willy, a number of slang dictionaries online suggest varied meanings but basically it has to do with oral play on somebody's balls, one of my personal favorites on either the giving or receiving end.