Friday, May 04, 2007

You Can See the Excitement

If I were to write everything I could about Dee's intimate encounter with Mike yesterday afternoon I'd be here all evening keying words for hours. It was as wonderful as we'd hoped it would be and then some because Dee was more out from under the cloud of pain than she's been since perhaps October. Her orgasms were many and beautifully strong. Mike filled her pussy twice with his cream and I filled her up with my warm goo too while watching her suck his cock. The cream pie that resulted from the two of us gushing into her was scrumptious, lapped as it was from her totally bare slit.

I write here a lot about how excited I get while watching my wife make love with her lovers, but I don't think I've ever snapped a better picture documenting that excitement than I did last night. I thought my cock might burst for how hard it was, and this was just from watching Dee and Mike kiss with their clothes still on!

Our college buddy Mark called this evening to talk to me. Dee got on the phone with him for a while to ask when he's going to fuck her. It's close to happening! Maybe not for a month or so because we and he have things going on for a few weeks, but the reluctance is gone and he wants to do it with her. I'll keep you posted!

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serendipitygirl said...

congrats on the mark issue...i am sure you and dee are really looking forward to that meeting...lovely pic btw

this girl said...

You're such a tease! You show your fantastic cock but no hands!

What does a girl have to do to get you to show your hands?


oh. ok...NOOO problem!


D said...

Beautiful cock, Joe. And I can readily see why it got so hard.