Saturday, May 05, 2007

Dirty Balls

I hadn't realized that yesterday afternoon's phone conversation with Mark had turned Dee on as much as it had, but when I went up to put her to bed last night she stripped herself nude with a grin, crawled against me on the bed and melted into my arms. Between the increasingly deeper kisses we talked briefly about the phone talk. She was quite aroused in knowing that we've seemingly conquered Mark's initial reservations and that he wants to take her to bed now. As I toyed with her nipples during our talk, she stroked me and got me hard.

Usually Dee and I wash before we make love though sometimes I ask her not to so I can enjoy her natural, heady bouquet. Her chief complaint during our bad years when I'd beg her to lick my balls and she categorically refused every time was that she didn't like their scent, even if I scrubbed them practically raw. But last night, after she had me fully stiff she went for them with her mouth as if they'd be her last meal in spite of my not having washed because I didn't know we'd be playing.

My cock just got even harder as Dee slurped on my nuts because knowing that she was licking my dirty balls got me even more aroused. I nudged my just as "dirty" cock against her cheek and a second later I felt the warmth of Dee's mouth descend over it to form a snug lip lock while her tongue slid along the length of my sensitive underside. She gave me a thoroughly satisfying cock sucking and when she pulled her lips off my dick she went right back to my balls and gave them another good going over because she knows it's my favorite form of foreplay on the receiving end.

I can't wait to watch Dee lick Mark's balls to make him crave her pussy even more before she welcomes him into her liquid center. Something tells me that he's not going to last long at all the first time Dee takes him inside.

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1 comment:

D said...

I can't wait to watch it either, Joe. Got any idea of when it may happen? Mac